Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas

Warren reclaims her indigenous roots when endorsed by Native American War Hero

Alinsky Rule 5 Post 45: On February 17, KID NewsRadio590, Idaho Falls, Idaho, reported that, “Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was once again reminded that she exaggerated her Native American ancestry and was heckled during a campaign stop in Georgia.”

Unshaken by the brief verbal assault from either a member of the Tea Party or the MAGA crowd, Warren used the opportunity to introduce an authentic indigenous man recently in the news.

“Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder with the Omaha tribe, shares how he felt after he was mocked by a crowd of teenagers wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats during the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington,” according to CNN.

Nathan Phillips - Vietnam War Hero According to CNN

Warren heralded Philips as a war hero who served with distinction in Vietnam, as she, too, re-claimed her heritage as an authentic American Indian.

She took the opportunity to announce that she had been endorsed by three other notables war heroes from “coast-to-coast,” including Hollywood actor Brian Dennehy, who served in Vietnam with extinction, former U.S. Senator from Iowa and a distinguished USAF combat fighter pilot in Vietnam, Tom Harkin, and current U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D.Conn.) who served with the USMC in Vietnam.

The endorsement from all three seemed to silence the heckler who was peacefully escorted from the venue without incident.

Stolen Valor - Fake War Heroes - Brian Dennehy, Richard 'Dick' Blumenthal, Tom Harkin

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