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  • Texas Conservative Digest 2016 Endorsements

    Texas Conservative Digest Endorsements 2016

    2016 Texas Conservative Digest ENDORSEMENTS (Final List of Endorsements) The following is a list of all Endorsements made by Texas Conservative Digest for the 2016 elections. NATIONAL: For President of the United States: Senator Ted Cruz for President (CR-97%, A) For re-election to the United …

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  • 2016 Prospective Presidential Candidates

    Why Presidential Candidate Polls Mean Nothing Now

    “News” outlets have been politically biased since, at least, the days when Jefferson was Secretary of State. The biggest difference today is that there are many more, and ever more, “news” outlets. And most of the dominant ones are firmly aligned with the liberal progressive …

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  • Monolithic Tea Party

    The Monolithic Tea Party in 2014

    In the Texas Spring of 2014 we have a number of huge Republican Primary battles.  Every candidate running for public office claims to be a “conservative”!  We know this is hogwash. The Texas tea parties and national tea party groups have been very visible in …

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  • Teaparty2

    Kaufman County Tea Party Endorsements for March Primary

    There are several excellent organizations who put out voter guides. However, ours is the only one that goes all the way down the ballot for Kaufman County. Candidates for certain offices are running unopposed. If we support their candidacy, their name will appear on the …

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  • Konni Burton for Texas State Senate

    Tim Lambert Endorses Konni Burton

    Today Tim Lambert, former Republican National Committeeman for Texas, gave his endorsement to Konni Burton’s campaign for Texas Senate District 10. Lambert announced his endorsement saying, “Konni Burton understands the importance of fighting for our children and the rights of their parents. We share a …

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  • Konni Burton for Texas State Senate

    Konni Burton Racking Up Tea Party Endorsements

    Today, Konni Burton continued to establish herself as the clear alternative to Wendy Davis in announcing strong support from conservative activists across Texas, largely from inside Senate District 10. Janna Easton endorsed Konni saying, “Konni Burton is one of the hardest workers in the conservative …

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  • Do They Speak For You Mod

    It’s Time for a Third Party, Kinda

    Recent blogs by Lee Cary on this site have demonstrated that the establishment GOP has no use for the Tea Party and in fact may be our biggest enemy. We are dependent on the GOP party structure and he tells us, they are using it …

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  • Tea Party Vs Gop

    How the GOP establishment blocked a conservative candidate it didn’t want

    By Lee Cary – Pennsylvania State Republican Party (PSRP) officials did not want William “Bill” Russell running for the 12th Congressional District after Democrat Congressman John Murtha died on February 8, 2010, after serving 34 years in the House. Beyond general anecdotal comments to the …

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  • Texas State Capitol In Austin


    Today, Tarrant County resident Konni Burton officially launched her campaign against Wendy Davis for State Senate District 10. Konni Burton is a conservative activist who has been engaged in grassroots politics at the state and national level. In addition to her boots on the ground …

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  • Texas Speaker Showdown II

    Texas Needs and Deserves a New Speaker of the House

    By Bob Hall  Part 1 This is the first in a series of articles on why Texas needs a new Speaker of the House in the state legislature. David Simpson, a proven conservative has courageously stepped forward to challenge the incumbent, Joe Straus, for this …

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