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  • Reportcard

    Fiscal Responsibility Scorecard in on North Texas State Legislators Representative Scott Turner and Senator Bob Deuell

    Who Gets an “F” And Who Gets an “A”? – by Tina Millican – Texans For Fiscal Responsibility, a non-profit group that compiles a Fiscal Responsibility Index scoring Texas legislatures based on their voting record, has released their 2013 scorecards. President, Michael Quinn Sullivan, stated …

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  • Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth

    Texas State Sen. Wentworth on Conservatism

    On Tuesday, a small number of Republican voters in SD-25 (northern San Antonio and Kendall, Comal, and Hays counties) will decide whether Sen. Jeff Wentworth returns to Austin next year. While he claims to defend “our families and our conservative values,” Sen. Wentworth’s idea of “conservative” could …

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  • TEA Party Don't Tread On Me

    TX House District 19 a Test of TEA Party Strength

    The TEA Party comprises the third and best-organized “throw the bums out” cycle in the last 30 years. But the bums keep coming back. The smart bums figured out long ago that “conservative” was the magic word in GOP primaries, when 85 percent of all …

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  • Texas Conservative Digest 2016 Endorsements Founder Endorses Steve Toth in Texas HD-15

    Sulphur Springs, TX, April 26, 2012 — Founder, Michael Kinzie, today announced his endorsement of Steve Toth in his bid to become the next representative in Texas House District 15. Kinzie said of Toth, “Steve is a good solid conservative who has been actively …

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  • Texas Conservative Digest 2016 Endorsements

    The Cold Hard Facts about the Leadership Void in Texas

    JoAnn Fleming Executive Director (volunteer), Grassroots America – We the People Chair, Advisory Committee to the TEA Party Caucus of the TX Legislature February 23, 2012 Where is the bold, focused, principled leadership we need in the Lone Star State? We are headed for the …

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  • Senator Robert Nichols Fails Texas Voters

    State Senator Robert Nichols Fails Texas Voters

    Do you remember that long walk home when you had a bad report card in school? I do. My mind was racing with all the thoughts of what kind of punishment I was going to receive from my parents. Texas State Senator Robert Nichols should …

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