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  • Donald Trump

    The ‘Art’ of the Heel: Trump vs. Cruz

    THE ‘ART’ OF THE HEEL: Contemptibly dishonorable or irresponsible person by Karen Norling I remember it well.  I was wiping down the kitchen counters when I heard his announcement on TV. “He’s not serious,” I said to myself.  “We go through this every four years.  …

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  • Ted Cruz For President

    Ted Cruz for President Fundraiser June 30th

    You are invited to the Ted Cruz end of quarter Final Fundraising Bash on June 30th, 2015! Venue is Warehouse Live at 813 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003. The main event kicks off for VIPs at 6:30 p.m. and General Admission starts at 7:30 …

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  • 2016 Prospective Presidential Candidates

    Why Presidential Candidate Polls Mean Nothing Now

    “News” outlets have been politically biased since, at least, the days when Jefferson was Secretary of State. The biggest difference today is that there are many more, and ever more, “news” outlets. And most of the dominant ones are firmly aligned with the liberal progressive …

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  • Defund Obamacare

    We Can and Must Defund Obamacare Now

    ~By Bob Hall~ There are two myths that Obama, the media and establishment Republicans want us to believe. That it is not possible to defund Obamacare right now, without shutting down the government. Defunding Obamacare is a “staring contest” between the Democrats and the Republicans …

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  • Ted Cruz And Flag


    One year ago, with the help of the Tea Party and other grassroots organization, Senator Ted Cruz shocked the political establishment by winning the Republican runoff election for the U.S. Senate. This historic grassroots victory is still resonating today in Texas and across the country. …

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  • Senator Ted Cruz Internship Program

    U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Internship Program

    General Information Senator Ted Cruz’s Internship Program offers Texas students a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the inner workings of Congress. Each summer, there are two six week sessions as well as full semester internships in both the spring and the fall. Internships are available …

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  • Ted Cruz

    Cruz for Big Government, Really? Immigration Positions Revisited

    By Ross Kecseg~ Recent policy critiques of Sen. Ted Cruz continue to come from both political sides, often times regarding different issues but for the same reason; he is viewed by Americans as the ‘prototype politician’. Even Democratic strategist and former Bill Clinton adviser James …

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  • 2014 Is Coming

    Unifying Message: Spread the Word – 2014 is Coming!

    Fellow Texas Constitutional Conservatives: In 2010, we worked together to send conservatives to the state legislature. In 2011, the Austin ruling class worked against our conservative legislators and ignored our cries for reform. In 2012, we rose up to fight again and sent a larger …

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  • Senator John Cornyn

    Sen. Cornyn Responds to over Cruz-Feinstein Dust-up

    Shortly after the heated exchange between Senators Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein over the constitutionality of limiting Second Amendment rights, we contacted Senator John Cornyn’s office asking why Sen. Cornyn chose to remain silent while the Democrats conducted their own little tag-team match attacking Sen. …

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  • Senator Ted Cruz

    Ted Cruz Gambles

    By Lee Cary Newly-minted U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is risking his political career by, as the New York Times reports, “taking confrontational Tea Party sensibilities to new heights.” Times’ Jonathan Weisman calls Cruz “Washington’s new bad boy.” (Begs the question: Who was the old one?”) …

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