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  • Tea Party Vs Gop

    Applause for the Mellon Initiative

    “The Tea Parties have a choice to make. They can remain the much maligned conservative wing of the Republican Party, they can wither and die, or they can fight back.”  Dr. Donald Mellon, “Texas Tea Party, Texas Third Party,” December 27, 2014 Dr. Mellon is …

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  • What Tea Party

    Texas Tea Party, Texas Third Party

    ~By Donald Mellon~ The establishment Republican Party has declared war on the Tea Party. But the fate of the Tea Party and the country are intertwined such that the destruction of the Tea Party will also ensure the continued march toward the economic collapse of …

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  • Sterling Bundy2

    People or Principles

    It must be human nature which causes us to support a person when we mean to support a principle.  Writers encourage this because without readers the whole exercise of writing is rather pointless.  Readers encourage it too because, in all honesty, there is a lot …

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  • Monolithic Tea Party

    The Monolithic Tea Party in 2014

    In the Texas Spring of 2014 we have a number of huge Republican Primary battles.  Every candidate running for public office claims to be a “conservative”!  We know this is hogwash. The Texas tea parties and national tea party groups have been very visible in …

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  • Who Is The United Texas Tea Party

    Is the Fake Tea Party Mailer Yet Another Dewhurst Attempt to Trick Texas Voters?

    Texas Liberty Movement Leaders United for a Strong Texas FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 17, 2014                                  CONTACT: Undersigned Leaders Is the Fake Tea Party Mailer Yet Another Dewhurst Attempt to Trick Texas Voters? “The Fake Tea Party mailer risks more IRS trouble for conservative groups; may …

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  • Bob Deuell21

    Conservative Leaders Call out State Sen. Bob Deuell

    Say Legal Documents Prove His Deception “Sen. Deuell is deliberately deceiving in a pitiful attempt to destroy his opponent.” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   May 14, 2014  CONTACTS:  Ken Emanuelson, Founder – Grassroots Texans Network; Co-founder – Dallas TEA Party (469) 363-5808 JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots …

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  • Dirty Politics

    Dual Deuells

    Definition: Dual – of, pertaining to, or noting two. Composed or consisting of two people, items, parts, etc., together; twofold; double. Have I misspelled Senator Dual’s name . . . or have I? Do “Deuell” and “dual” mean the same thing? In this case, yes …

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  • Kennedy Image 3

    Misplaced Loyalty Leading to Spectacles of Turbulence and Contention

    When Tywin Lannister asked Arya Stark “what killed your father” she replied “loyalty”. Tywin and Arya are two of the main characters in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. Arya’s father was second in command to a king in the fictitious country of Westeros. When …

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  • Democrats & Establishment GOP Ally to Crush Conservatives

    Democrats and GOP Establishment Ally to Crush Conservatives Part III

    Series Abstract: Karl Rove’s targeting of Michigan Congressman Justin Amash as “the most liberal Republican” in Congress signals the GOP Establishment’s plan to cull out the most conservative Republican office-holders from the GOP herd. The bipartisan nature of that effort is illustrated in the Democrat …

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  • Texas Primary

    Coalition of Conservative Organizations Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Jim and Robin Lennon March 10, 2014 832-233-4950 Coalition of Conservative Organizations Promise Aggressive Ground Campaign to Turn out Voters for Run-off Victory ACROSS TEXAS – Energized from big wins across the state in the March 4th Republican Primary, a grassroots …

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