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  • Less Gov is the Best Gov

    Political Pandering in American Politics

    Only Pandering, Insincerity, and Political Expediency Do I See By Scott Rohter, April 2012 Two months ago nearly all of the Republican candidates in the Primary were literally “one-upping” each other to sound tougher on illegal immigration… A border fence, NO amnesty for illegals, NO …

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  • Santorum Wins Big in Louisiana by a 2 to 1 Margin

    Santorum Wins Big In Louisiana by a 2 to 1 Margin By Scott Rohter, March 2012   Out funded and out spent since the beginning of the Republican Primary by nearly ten to one, nevertheless Rick Santorum still managed to beat Mitt Romney in Louisiana’s …

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  • Mitt Romney Global Warming

    Why is Romney being supported by the Global Warming Crowd?

    How depressing. Conservatives remain divided this election cycle while the most liberal candidate for the GOP nomination in decades continues to pile up delegates. Meanwhile, the evidence continues to mount that Romney will govern to the left of George Bush – either one. Romney’s effort …

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