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  • What Tea Party

    Texas Tea Party, Texas Third Party

    ~By Donald Mellon~ The establishment Republican Party has declared war on the Tea Party. But the fate of the Tea Party and the country are intertwined such that the destruction of the Tea Party will also ensure the continued march toward the economic collapse of …

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  • 2016 Prospective Presidential Candidates

    Why Presidential Candidate Polls Mean Nothing Now

    “News” outlets have been politically biased since, at least, the days when Jefferson was Secretary of State. The biggest difference today is that there are many more, and ever more, “news” outlets. And most of the dominant ones are firmly aligned with the liberal progressive …

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  • Mitch Mcconnell Pulls A Harry Reid On Matt Bevin

    Mitch McConnell Pulls a Harry Reid on Matt Bevin

    Mitch McConnell Worried About Bevin’s Momentum, Slings More Mud Louisville, KY – Thirty-year incumbent Mitch McConnell is so worried about Matt Bevin’s momentum he is up with a new ad, slinging mud and running away from his record. Fact checkers have already accused Mitch McConnell …

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  • Looking Past The Obvious In The Irs Scandal

    Looking past the obvious in the IRS scandal

    By Lee Cary – In the late 1960’s, there was a small, impish Major, with hard experience etched on his face, teaching at the U.S. Army military intelligence school at Ft. Holabird, Maryland. He told his classes, “Gentlemen, things are seldom as they appear. Look …

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  • A Tea Party Declaration of Independence

    A Tea Party Declaration of Independence

    ~ by Lee Cary The Tea Party will not be perceived as, nor in reality become, a thoroughly authentic movement until it declares its independence from the Republican Party.  And then demonstrates it. Three-four million Republicans didn’t visit their assigned polling place November.  And, as …

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  • Youth Vote 2012

    A Look at the Youth Vote in 2012

    Emma Collins, the voice behind’s 2012 school rankings, writes frequently about issues that face the nation’s college-aged population. In the post that follows, she tackles the youth vote in the most recent presidential election and provides some insight into what it might mean for …

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  • William Jennings Bryan Barack Obama

    It will happen again

    He assumed the leadership of the Democratic Party quickly, with the captivating power of his oratory.  His followers screamed, waved their arms, and rallied to his call that, “This community is ready for healing.” A young lawyer from a Midwestern state, some said he was …

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  • Big Bird Binders Bayonets Bs

    Big Bird, Binders, Bayonets, and BS ~ The reverse prophecy of Barack Obama

    After he defeated the British fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813, the commander of the American fleet, Oliver Perry, sent a message to General William Harrison that began, “We have met the enemy, and they are ours…” At the Denver Democrat …

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  • Ej Dionne The Tea Party Movement Is Dead

    The Tea Party Movement Is Dead, writes a Prince of the liberal media

    Eugene Joseph (E.J.) Dionne, long-time op-ed columnist for the Washington Post (WaPo) and a leading bell cow for the illuminati of the Progressive Left, has proclaimed the death of the Tea Party Movement. Well, that’s it then. Case closed. E.J. writes, The right wing has …

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  • Tea Party Hobbits March

    The Hobbits March in Thirteen Days

    There’s a stirring in the Shire these days, as in their Smials, all across the land, the Hobbits prepare to march. Again. Well over a year ago, after the 2010 elections, the legacy media declared their end as a powerful political force. The old media …

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