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  • Texas Rep Lance Gooden

    Texas Representative Uses Obama/IRS Style Tactics Against Tea Party Leader

    PRESS RELEASE Today it was revealed that Lance Gooden conducted a background check through his taxpayer-funded Legislative Office on Billy Van Vost, a local Henderson county activist who had recently started a tea party organization in Henderson County. In an email released to the press, …

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  • Athens Nativity

    Lance Saves Christmas

    He’s at it again. “Our” representative, Lance Gooden, has kicked the 2014 Primary campaign into high gear by sending us a mailer on December 19th & 20th. This one was disguised as a Christmas card. The “Christmas” card states: When atheists attacked the Athens, Texas …

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  • Public Enemy Number One - RINOs

    Public Enemy Number One

    In light of last night’s election results, I want to make something very clear to our friends and our enemies: The Tea Party is here to stay. We aren’t going anywhere. Lance Gooden and Bob Deuell-consider yourselves on notice. You will be very closely watched …

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  • Texas Representative Lance Gooden vs Dr. Stuart Spitzer

    Rep. Lance Gooden vs Dr. Stuart Spitzer

    This is part of an email exchange between Jimmy Weaver and Ray Myers of the Kaufman Tea Party regarding recent forums involving incumbent Republican Texas House Representative Lance Gooden and Republican challenger Dr. Stuart Spitzer. The exchange started when someone (name omitted for privacy purposes) …

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  • Texas Conservative Digest 2016 Endorsements

    Lance Gooden Mocks the TEA Party

    At a recent candidate forum in Kaufman, Texas State Representative Lance Gooden openly mocked the TEA Party. His disdain for the Tea Party is apparent. As a former educator for near 30 years, I took offense to his comments. We as educators know about the …

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