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  • Texas Rep Lance Gooden

    Texas Representative Uses Obama/IRS Style Tactics Against Tea Party Leader

    PRESS RELEASE Today it was revealed that Lance Gooden conducted a background check through his taxpayer-funded Legislative Office on Billy Van Vost, a local Henderson county activist who had recently started a tea party organization in Henderson County. In an email released to the press, …

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  • 13Dec1223KCope CROPPED For WEB2

    U.S. Senate Candidate Ken Cope Offers Bold Tax Plan That Eliminates IRS

    ~by Kristine Tanzillo ~ Ken Cope, candidate for US Senate, released his tax plan today. The emphasis of Cope’s 503 Tax Plan is to eliminate the IRS. Following is the release about the Cope 503 Tax Plan. If you would like to talk with Mr. …

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  • Texas Patriots Tea Party1

    Texas Patriots Tea Party Suing the IRS

    The Texas Patriots Tea Party [TPTP] is part of the FIRST lawsuit against IRS filed by Citizens for Self-Governance and based on the politically targeting of conservative groups by the IRS. The selective targeting of groups for additional IRS scrutiny based solely on their political …

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  • America In Distress Rally Dallas Texas July 2nd 2013

    America in Distress Rally Dallas, Texas July 2, 2013 [Videos]

    The America in Distress Rally in Dallas, Texas on July 2, 2013 featured a host of great speakers from across Texas. Congressman Louie Gohmert, Rafael Cruz, Pastor Rick Scarborough, Pastor Stephen Broden, JoAnn Fleming, and Ray Myers fired up the crowd of Tea Partiers. Here …

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  • Demand Special Prosecutor Investigate Irs

    Demand a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the IRS

    ~ by Kirk E. Hackett   Dear Fellow Patriots, I have started a petition on the White House website asking that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate IRS abuses.  Tea Party organizations around the country have a direct interest in making this happen.  Your …

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  • Alabama Parties Wetumpka

    Becky Gerritson Delivers Passionate Testimony at IRS Hearings [Video]

    Becky Gerritson of the Wetumpka Tea Party in Alabama rocked the IRS abuse hearings before the Ways and Means committee today on Capitol Hill. Gerritson’s passionate testimony clearly showed that her love of country is undeniable. Editor’s note: Becky Gerritson, we salute you!!!

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  • Class Action Mod

    Citizens for Self-Governance Files Class Action Suit Against the IRS

    by Mark Meckler– Dear Fellow Citizen, You probably have already heard that  Citizens for Self-Governance filed the first class action suit against the IRS last week.  Due to the huge influx of emails to us, I want to give you more information about the lawsuit and …

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  • 4613701217 9f71d29b2e Z

    Culture of Corruption

    In the cover letter of the May Sentinel, I warned readers – the same IRS who targeted taxpayers with conservative political leanings for audit and harassment, would now be determining how to ration their health care.  EXAMPLE: Barney Frank and Ted Cruz both need a …

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