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  • Pennsylvania Flag

    A voice for responsible government looking for an audience

    By John C. Thomas My high school government teacher taught me that civic responsibility was more than just voting and paying taxes.  She said keeping informed and participating is an ongoing duty of citizenship. But I didn’t like most of us until an event in …

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  • Mitt Romney - Paul Ryan

    The Ryan Express

    All aboard the campaign train. Nothing will stop this RR. Get it? RR for railroad; it also stands for Romney/Ryan; it is also Ronald Reagan’s initials. This is the stuff campaigns are made of; blatantly jingoistic and not profoundly thoughtful. Everyone wants to know who …

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  • Your Liberty is at Stake

    Your Liberty

    Fellow Patriots, The Founding Fathers envisioned a great Republic, one in which there was a delicate balance of power between the People, the States, the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. Each of these powers and groups is supposedly aligned to compliment and safeguard the …

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  • United Precincts of America

    An Open Letter to America

    Dear Americans, Ronald Reagan understood that the Constitution given us by our Founders was one that trusted the people to govern themselves. In his First Inaugural Address, Reagan said this: From time to time, we have been tempted to believe that society has become too …

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  • Texas Pension Fund Reform

    “Fed Up” Grassroots Texans Trounce GOP Establishment

    2012 Primary Results, Part II: The Woodshed Moment “Fed Up” Grassroots Texans Trounce GOP Establishment JoAnn Fleming Volunteer Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People Chair, Advisory Committee to the TEA Party Caucus of the TX Legislature • (903) 360-2858   Conventional wisdom …

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    Texas anti-toll groups relish Campbell, Cruz victories

    Anti-toll groups, the San Antonio Toll Party and Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), celebrated Dr. Donna Campbell’s victory over pro-toll, 40-year incumbent State Senator Jeff Wentworth in Texas Senate District 25 at her victory party in New Braunfels, TX on July 31. Elated …

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  • Less Gov is the Best Gov

    “Cake Walker” – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wins Big … A New Republican Star is Born

    “Cake Walker” A  New Republican Star is Born by Scott Rohter, June 2012   In my last article I speculated about who pulled the plug on the TEA Party. I thought that the TEA Party might be running out of juice because we wound up …

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  • Ted Cruz Supported by Conservatives

    Supporting Conservative Candidates

    We all know the importance of the upcoming 2012 elections, so it’s time to get off the sidelines. Once you have chosen a conservative candidate to support, there are many ways you can help in their campaigns. First of all, there is money. Political campaigns …

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  • Public Enemy Number One - RINOs

    Public Enemy Number One

    In light of last night’s election results, I want to make something very clear to our friends and our enemies: The Tea Party is here to stay. We aren’t going anywhere. Lance Gooden and Bob Deuell-consider yourselves on notice. You will be very closely watched …

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  • Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth

    Texas State Sen. Wentworth on Conservatism

    On Tuesday, a small number of Republican voters in SD-25 (northern San Antonio and Kendall, Comal, and Hays counties) will decide whether Sen. Jeff Wentworth returns to Austin next year. While he claims to defend “our families and our conservative values,” Sen. Wentworth’s idea of “conservative” could …

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