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  • Sherrod Brown

    Sherrod Brown ~ Who’s Your Sugar-Daddy?

    by Karen Norling Fact: the government will funnel nearly $1-trillion into so-called “federally-funded” benefit and grant programs this year.  Yes, you read that right.  Nearly 1-trillion. Question: where did that nearly-one-trillion come from? Did our Founding Fathers print a magical, ever-increasing heap of greenbacks for …

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  • Obama Campaign Desperate

    Desperation overcomes the Obama campaign (Adult Content)

    Desperation is born of despair and hopelessness, both in language and in life. Obama supporter-generated video ads, in these final days of the endless presidential campaign, have recently sent two strong signals that desperation has taken hold of the Obama campaign. The ads use and …

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  • Big Bird Binders Bayonets Bs

    Big Bird, Binders, Bayonets, and BS ~ The reverse prophecy of Barack Obama

    After he defeated the British fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813, the commander of the American fleet, Oliver Perry, sent a message to General William Harrison that began, “We have met the enemy, and they are ours…” At the Denver Democrat …

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  • Ej Dionne The Tea Party Movement Is Dead

    The Tea Party Movement Is Dead, writes a Prince of the liberal media

    Eugene Joseph (E.J.) Dionne, long-time op-ed columnist for the Washington Post (WaPo) and a leading bell cow for the illuminati of the Progressive Left, has proclaimed the death of the Tea Party Movement. Well, that’s it then. Case closed. E.J. writes, The right wing has …

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  • Tea Party Hobbits March

    The Hobbits March in Thirteen Days

    There’s a stirring in the Shire these days, as in their Smials, all across the land, the Hobbits prepare to march. Again. Well over a year ago, after the 2010 elections, the legacy media declared their end as a powerful political force. The old media …

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  • Report On The Final Presidential Debate Of 20121

    Romney/Ryan Run the Bases ~ Report on the Final Presidential Debate of 2012

    President Obama and Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney met Monday evening at 8PM CST at Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida for the third and final Presidential debate of the 2012 campaign season. The debate was moderated by CBS’s Bob Schieffer, who, while not a …

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  • Code Red USA Romney/Ryan 2012

    Code Red USA ~ Romney Ryan 2012

    As you well know, this upcoming election is the most important of our lifetime. Voters across the nation face a stark choice between two competing visions for our nation’s future – and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The outcome of this election will decide whether …

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  • Obama Foreign Policy Promises

    Obama foreign policy promises to remember November 6th

    Presidential candidate Barack Obama offered an extensive plan in 2008 entitled “THE BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE: Barack Obama’s Plan for America”.  Here were his “Blueprint” promises concerning Foreign Policy: Barack Obama’s Plan to Secure America and Restore Our Standing “When I am this party’s nominee, my …

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  • Will Ramsay For District Attorney Texas 8th Judicial District

    Will Ramsay for District Attorney Endorsed by Founder

    Will Ramsay, Republican candidate for District Attorney of the 8th Judicial District in Texas has the endorsement of’s founder, Michael Kinzie of Sulphur Springs. Franklin County Attorney, Will Ramsay, is seeking the position of District Attorney in the 8th Judicial District of Texas currently …

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  • Million Muppet March Media Bias

    Million Muppet March ~ An example of how the liberal media spins the news

    An October 12, 2012, a Reuters (Canada) article, linked on the DRUDGE REPORT, illustrated how the old liberal media spins the news by reporting less than the whole truth. The article is entitled “‘Million Muppet March’ planned to defend U.S. backing for PBS”. Here’s the …

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