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  • 2014 Midterm Surprise

    Is the Tea Party alert to a midterm Democrat surprise?

    By Lee Cary – Will the Tea Party be ready to respond to an unexpected Democrat challenge to the G.O.P.’s hopes of keeping the House? On the G.O.P. side, between today and the 2014 elections, what’s likely to change? Will John Boehner be replaced by …

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  • Representative Mac Thornberry

    Candidate Barlow Responds to Rep. Mac Thornberry’s Plea for the Status Quo

    In a recent letter to District 13 Republicans, Representative Mac Thornberry (R-TX) echoing Karl Rove, makes his case for grassroots conservatives to not run candidates against incumbent Republicans. He argues that every dollar spent against a challenger in the primaries could have been spent against …

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  • Karl Rove "The Architect"

    A current beckons the Texas Tea Party Movement

    by Lee Cary There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, And …

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  • Senate Chamber Of The Texas State Capitol Image ID K0472020421

    Truncated State Senate terms Yield Grassroots Opportunities

    by Mark Stuertz  of  White Rock Tea Party A state senate term glitch wrought by the 2010 census provides an opening for grassroots activists in 2014. Now is the time to seize this opportunity. In spite of staggered elections and terms that normally span four …

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  • John Davis & Greg Bonnen Supporting Joe Straus

    Texas Leadership Town Hall with Rep. John Davis and Rep.-elect Greg Bonnen

    By Dale Huls Wait! Stop me if you have heard this one before. Two Republican State Representatives hold a town hall to gather input from their constituents on Texas House leadership…Oh, you have heard this before! Well, I am not surprised because the same story …

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  • Texas Speaker Showdown II

    Texas Needs and Deserves a New Speaker of the House

    By Bob Hall  Part 1 This is the first in a series of articles on why Texas needs a new Speaker of the House in the state legislature. David Simpson, a proven conservative has courageously stepped forward to challenge the incumbent, Joe Straus, for this …

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  • Youth Vote 2012

    A Look at the Youth Vote in 2012

    Emma Collins, the voice behind’s 2012 school rankings, writes frequently about issues that face the nation’s college-aged population. In the post that follows, she tackles the youth vote in the most recent presidential election and provides some insight into what it might mean for …

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  • Alabama Forever Wild Fiscal Conservatives – Thanks

    “Elections have consequences” is often spoken in the negative during campaign cycles. However, positive consequences are not uncommon. Both negative and positive consequences resulting from our most recent state election cycle will be in play into our next election cycle in 2014. Some of our …

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  • Sherrod Brown Abortion On Demand

    Sherrod Brown – Abortion on Demand at Taxpayer Expense

    by Karen Norling – Did you know that essentially every time Sherrod Brown has the opportunity to vote in favor of preserving innocent human life, he chooses to do just the opposite?  Indeed, throughout his far-too-many years in the House and Senate, he has invariably …

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  • Sherrod Brown

    Sherrod Brown – A Politician Vets Can’t Trust

    by Karen Norling – Note to Sherrod Brown campaign: there is one politician in this race who can’t be trusted, but his name is not Josh Mandel.  His name is Sherrod Brown. Senator Brown claims, on his website, that he fully supports veterans: “Nothing is …

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