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  • Article V Convention of States

    Using The Constitution To Save America

    by Paul S. Gardiner Author’s Note: The attention of many Americans currently is focused on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian collision in the 2016 national election. Much attention also is devoted to allegations of various criminal actions being committed at the highest levels …

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  • Death Of The Republic2

    National Popular Vote Compact is a Bad Idea

    by Donald Mellon A movement is underway to change the method of electing presidents. The objective of this movement is to convince states whose cumulative electoral vote count equals or exceeds 270 (the number needed to elect a president) to join an interstate compact. This …

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  • Kennedy Image 3

    Misplaced Loyalty Leading to Spectacles of Turbulence and Contention

    When Tywin Lannister asked Arya Stark “what killed your father” she replied “loyalty”. Tywin and Arya are two of the main characters in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. Arya’s father was second in command to a king in the fictitious country of Westeros. When …

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  • Irs Scrutiny

    We, the Tax-Exempt Entity

    My personal response to the newly proposed IRS regulations1 Barry A. Schlech, Ph.D., Burleson, TX Intro: I am a member of a local tea party. Based on our non-profit status, our community involvement and political activities, our tea party submitted an application for 501(c)(4) tax-exempt …

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  • Amendment II

    The Second Amendment, Freedom’s Greatest Check and Balance

    ~ by Ken O. Eldib ( ~ Though rarely described as such, the Second Amendment is the American’s people most important check and balance.  We were taught in school that our government has three separate and distinct branches which share power and by design check …

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  • Benjamin Franklin Portrait


    “What have you given us Mr. Franklin, a monarchy or a republic?” Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it!” ~ By Louis Stannard ~ Until the founders made their declaration of independence and gave us our Constitution, humanity’s condition was that of …

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  • Digital Media Cropped

    Using the Digital Media to Protest

    A great number of conservative minded people have spent the last few years educating themselves about our Constitution, why and how it was established, what powers it delegated to the Federal Government that it established, and how this and previous elected Federal Governments have violated …

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  • We The People

    Does “We The People” still Represent Political Power?

    Our Constitution begins with those words saying that the people of the United States do ordain and establish the Constitution. It does not say “We the State Legislatures” or “we the politicians” or “we a handful of important people”. A little reading of history tells …

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  • Do They Speak For You Mod

    It’s Time for a Third Party, Kinda

    Recent blogs by Lee Cary on this site have demonstrated that the establishment GOP has no use for the Tea Party and in fact may be our biggest enemy. We are dependent on the GOP party structure and he tells us, they are using it …

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  • Matt Krause "Come and Take It" Bill Passes Texas House


    AUSTIN, TEXAS – Today, Rep. Matt Krause passed H.B. 928 on its third and final reading out of the Texas House of Representatives. H.B. 928 is the first bill Rep. Krause has successfully guided out of the chamber in his first term in office. “There …

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