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  • Looking Past The Obvious In The Irs Scandal

    Looking past the obvious in the IRS scandal

    By Lee Cary – In the late 1960’s, there was a small, impish Major, with hard experience etched on his face, teaching at the U.S. Army military intelligence school at Ft. Holabird, Maryland. He told his classes, “Gentlemen, things are seldom as they appear. Look …

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  • A1

    “What Difference Does it Make?”

    In what seems like a few short decades, Hillary Clinton has dragged Democrats from, “I have a dream” to, “What difference does it make?”  To Democrats, all questions are rhetorical.  All you need to do is actually provide an answer to set them back on …

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  • ThCALIFM363

    Hamas and White House Use Similar Tactics

    Two important issues are currently before the American people.  First, Israel’s constant struggle with the world’s worst neighbors is once again consuming the news cycle.  This is appropriate as this is the focal point for the entire Islamic world as they struggle with the question, …

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  • Benghazi Cover Up By The Obama Administration

    The Benghazi Cover-Up | Benghazi-Gate

    Beck Breaking News! Obama A Hit-man Or Terrorist Arms Dealer? Why He Hid the Truth of Benghazi… Was Obama finished with our Ambassador to Libya where the Arms Trading was concerned? Did he believe Chris Stevens was going to go public with what he knew …

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