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  • Nrsc National Republican Senatorial Committee

    Did the NRSC sabotage a Tea Party-backed U.S. Senatorial candidate’s campaign in 2010?

    By Lee Cary – Persons associated with the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) recommended that a G.O.P. Primary-elected candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010 engage the services of six key campaign staffers who proved to be, at a minimum, non-productive, according to a reliable …

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  • Tea Party Hobbits March

    The Hobbits March in Thirteen Days

    There’s a stirring in the Shire these days, as in their Smials, all across the land, the Hobbits prepare to march. Again. Well over a year ago, after the 2010 elections, the legacy media declared their end as a powerful political force. The old media …

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  • Chris Matthews Anti Tea Party

    The decline of the media’s anti-Tea Party meme

    The liberal media’s characterization of Tea Party activists as old, white, angry, racially-biased, conservative extremists constitutes a meme on the decline. “Meme” is a relatively new word. dates the word’s birth as 1976, and identifies its parent as biologist Richard Dawkins. A meme is …

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  • Obama Slogan - Forward

    Obama’s Slogan – “Forward”

    American Thinker, by Lee Cary ~ Original Article Forward, the Obama campaign’s collectivist campaign slogan, targets undecided voters. Jacques Ellul (1912-1994), variously described as a French philosopher, legal scholar/law professor, lay theologian and Christian anarchist, wrote the widely-acclaimed book, “Propaganda: The Formation Of Men’s Attitudes,” …

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  • Obama Newsweek and Main Strea Media Bias

    Has the old media worm turned against Obama?

    American Thinker, by Lee Cary ~ Original Article The answer, in a word, is “No.” The old media worm has not turned against Obama, despite the much-publicized Newsweek cover featuring the president’s photo with the caption, “Hit the road, Barack.” The cover set off a …

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  • The Obama-Rezko Connection

    Did Senator Obama dodge taxes on a $400,000 gift from Tony Rezko?

    Last February, a website focused on Chicago corruption reported that a former business partner of Tony Rezko gave Rezko $400K that Rezko gave to then Senator Barack Obama. The accusation relied on information provided by the star witness in a Chicago corruption case dating back …

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