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Rep. Trey Gowdy may star in “Inherit the Wind” remake

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A source associated with the highly regarded film-and-stage industry news website, HollywoodYesterYear.com, reports that a major movie studio is negotiating with an agent representing current Republican U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy (4th Dist. SC).

The talks may lead to Gowdy playing the role of Matthew Harrison Brady, who was intended to represent the famous attorney Clarence Darrow, in a remake of the classic play “Inherit the Wind” (1955).

In the play that fictionalized the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial, Fredric March played Henry Drummond – a role intended to portray a character similar to three-time Democrat Presidential Candidate William Jennings Bryan.

The source stated that the unnamed, high-ranking studio was interested in a remake of the movie with the story told in a contemporary setting, adding that, “Casting picked Gowdy out of a lineup of persons who might be able to recreate the chemistry of the Brady-Darrow character in the original play.”

“Gowdy has a well-established profile as a diligent, probing questioner,” the source said, “who tries to rattle those he questions in Congressional Hearings. As in the 1955 play, there are really never any consequences to the exchanges between Gowdy and his subjects.  But it does make for good theatre, and that’s just what Inherit the Wind was all about – good theatre.  The business about the monkey – that was just a theatrical prop.”


Rumors of Gowdy’s possible future acting career are fueled by his earlier announcement that he would not seek reelection to Congress this year.   


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