Democrats long for the good old days of Obama

Nostalgia for Obama Era builds with Trump discontent

Alinsky Rule 5 Post 34: 

As frustration with President Trump grows among many Democrats, those most loyal to the past are becoming increasingly nostalgic for the life and times of once President Barack H. Obama.

Here, in a short pictorial array, are reminders of just three highlights from the Obama Era.

    1. The humanitarian release, by Iran, of American hostages that happened to coincide with a transfer of a pile of money to the Iranian Regime.

Obama Cash for Hostages

Obama sends billions to Iran

    1. The humble and self-deprecating manner displayed by President Obama, representing the United States of America, as he greeted the leaders of Cuba, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the Peoples Republic of China.

Obama bows to Cuba, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the Peoples Republic of China.

  1. And, with the Commander in Chief’s gracious humility as their guide, the polite obedience displayed by sailors of the U.S. Navy being detained by gunboats of the Iranian Navy.

Sailors on Knees in Obama's Navy

All part of the way we were (play the music) and, alas, are no longer.

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