Paul Manafort

List of 35 potential witness in Mueller prosecution of Manafort

Alinsky Rule 5 Post 35: recently released a list of potential witnesses that may be called to testify in Special Counsel Mueller’s prosecution of Candidate Donald Trump’s former presidential campaign director, Paul Manafort.

Today, Manafort is imprisoned in solitary confinement 23 hours a day.

Here is that witness list:

  1. Ali, Hesham
    2. Ayliff, Philip
    3. Brennan, James
    4. Day, John
    5. DeLuca, Douglas
    6. Devine, Tad
    7. Duggan, Donna
    8. Evenson, Darin
    9. Gates, Richard
    10. Holland, Wayne
    11. Jacobson, Stephen
    12. James, Melinda
    13. Katzman, Maximillian
    14. Kirimca, Irfan
    15. Laporta, Cindy
    16. LaPorte, Kevin
    17. Liss, Paula
    18. Magionos, Morgan
    19. Maxwell, Joel
    20. Metzler, Amanda
    21. Miceli, Peggy
    22. Michael, Renee
    23. Mikuska, Matthew
    24. O’Brien, Conor
    25. Opsut, Daniel
    26. Rabin, Daniel
    27. Raico, Dennis
    28. Regolizio, Michael
    29. Rodriguez, Taryn
    30. Seferian, Gary
    31. Sullivan, Stacey
    32. Trusko, Alex
    33. Wall, Ronald
    34. Washkuhn, Heather
    35. Welch, Michael

An unidentified source, who wishes to remain anonymous fearing reprisals from the Department of Justice, has stepped forward to leak an addendum to the list of potential witnesses.

The Witness Addendum List (AKA: WAL) with 19 names is listed below in order of their possible appearances in court.  Some names may be familiar to some readers.

  1. Stan Laurel
  2. Benito Mussolini
  3. Cary Grant
  4. Mister Rogers
  5. Oliver Hardy
  6. Don Corleone
  7. Buster Keaton
  8. Richard Hanssen
  9. Boris Alekseyevich Yermakov
  10. Dmitriy Sergey Aleksandrovich
  11. Aldrich Ames
  12. Leo Tolstoy
  13. Alex Jones
  14. Alger Hiss
  15. Samuel Gompers
  16. Tallulah Bankhead
  17. Carl J. Bernstein
  18. C. Fields
  19. Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin


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