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Florida High School activist nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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Several sources familiar with the deliberations of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, now in the process of receiving and considering nominations  for their 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, report that a Florida, USA high school student has been nominated by several prominent international citizens and a recent American Nobel Peace Prize winner, to receive the award for 2019.

David Hogg, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, who was not injured in the shooting there on February 14, 2018, recently appeared on ABC News’Good Morning America” where he said,  “We are sick and tired of the inaction here in Washington and around the country” by politicians who are “owned by the NRA. Today we are going to start a revolution.”

The Nobel Committee announced its acceptance of the Hogg nomination is this statement:

“Student activist David Hogg was the ideological leader of a ‘revolution’ in America to ‘save the children’ by removing firearms from a society where they abound in great numbers.  Hogg almost singlehandedly organized and solicited funding for a series of nationwide protests to ‘ban the guns’ highlighted by a mass protest on Pennsylvania, Avenue in Washington D.C.  where he was the motivational keynote speaker at the main event in the District of Columbia attended by many prominent Democrat politicians and several Hollywood stars.

Because of his efforts to make America a Gun-Lobby-Free-Zone by banning the National Rifle Association, the Committee has accepted and will seriously consider his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2019.”

Here is a short video clip of part of Hogg’s inspirational speech to the D.C. crowd:

Attempts to get Hogg’s reaction to his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize were unsuccessful.  His publicist stated that Hogg was heavily scheduled in multiple on-camera media interviews and public appearances for the foreseeable future, and was meeting with representatives of a prestigious printing house to negotiate the publishing of his autobiography.

The Daily Wire recently reported that the Florida high school anti-gun activist and social justice warrior has announced his next social justice crusade via his twitter posting below.

David Hogg Twitter

Meanwhile, the Federalist has highlighted Hogg’s use of strong language to emphasize his position:

“Hogg has said the National Rifle Association and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio ‘want to keep killing our children,’ that control of the government must be wrested from ‘old-ass’ parents who ‘don’t know how to use our democracy,’ and referred to politicians who are staunch supporters of the 2nd Amendment as “sick f*ckers” who want to ‘murder more children’”.

The Washington Free Beacon has assembled several of Hogg’s fiery remarks employing strong language displayed below.

When asked for a comment on Hogg’s language, his spokesperson said, “I don’t think he gives a @$#% what any adult says or thinks.”

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“There are great legal minds; there are those who can also communicate well on television; then there is Dershowitz. The professor is uniquely capable of arguing a position, while putting a premium on legal and ethical legitimacy, not its popularity. Bravo, Dershowitz!” – Chris Cuomo, anchor and reporter, CNN

“This collection shows Alan Dershowitz at his best—passionate, fearless, and occasionally very wrong.” – Jeffrey Toobin, bestselling author of The Nine, Too Close to Call, A Vast Conspiracy, and The Run of His Life.

“Alan Dershowitz doesn’t twist the constitution to fit an agenda. He tells you what it REALLY means. That’s why he has always been my go-to guy on the law and the Constitution.” – Greta Van Susteren, former anchor at CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC

“This book will reinforce Alan Dershowitz’s well-earned reputation as a brilliant legal analyst who, although often swimming against the established current, is usually right. Dershowitz substitutes his trenchant legal analysis for the wishful thinking and self-aggrandizing moral superiority that is presented by many in the academy and media, as well as Trump’s political opponents. Dershowitz’s arguments should cause all rational citizens to take a deep breath and recognize, as Dershowitz demonstrates, that Trump may be many things, but, under current law and the known evidence, the President is not a criminal. His analysis seems flawless to me.” – Harvey A. Silverglate, Criminal and civil liberties lawyer, author of Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent

In our current age of hyper-partisan politics, nearly everyone takes sides. This is especially true with regard to the Trump presidency. It has become difficult to have a reasonable discussion about the most controversial president in our recent history. For Trump zealots, their president has not only committed no crimes, he has done nothing wrong. For anti-Trump zealots, nothing Trump has done—even in foreign policy—is good. Everything he has done is wrong, and since it is wrong, it must necessarily be criminal. This deeply undemocratic fallacy—that political sins must be investigated and prosecuted as criminal—is an exceedingly dangerous trend.

Hardening positions on both sides has been manifested by increasing demands to criminalize political differences. Both sides scream “lock ‘em up” instead of making substantive criticisms of opposing views.

The real fear, as Alan Dershowitz argues, in this compelling collection, is that we have weakened our national commitment to civil liberties as the Left becomes ever more intolerant and the Right slips into authoritarian rhetoric. The vibrant center is weakening, with traditional liberalism and conservatism becoming further apart, not just in approach, but in their respect for Constitutional norms that have served us well for more than two centuries.

While Donald Trump is not the only cause of this profound division, his election drew it to the surface and made it the dominant paradigm of political debate. Unless we as a nation begin to focus again on what unites us rather than on what divides us, America might not survive the next decade.

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