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  • Citizens Debate The Senate Immigration Bill

    Citizens Debate the Senate Immigration Bill [Videos]

    By Dale Huls ~ The US Senate has been called the “world’s greatest deliberative body”. George Washington once said that the founders created the Senate to cool House legislation just as a saucer was used to “cool hot tea”. Well, George was right, the Senate …

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  • Alabama Parties Wetumpka

    Becky Gerritson Delivers Passionate Testimony at IRS Hearings [Video]

    Becky Gerritson of the Wetumpka Tea Party in Alabama rocked the IRS abuse hearings before the Ways and Means committee today on Capitol Hill. Gerritson’s passionate testimony clearly showed that her love of country is undeniable. Editor’s note: Becky Gerritson, we salute you!!!

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  • Senator John Cornyn

    Sen. Cornyn Responds to over Cruz-Feinstein Dust-up

    Shortly after the heated exchange between Senators Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein over the constitutionality of limiting Second Amendment rights, we contacted Senator John Cornyn’s office asking why Sen. Cornyn chose to remain silent while the Democrats conducted their own little tag-team match attacking Sen. …

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  • Army Troops Storm Houston

    Army Troops Storm Houston!

    Army drill scares residents on Houston’s south side KTRK in Houston reports: HOUSTON (KTRK) — The sight of Army helicopters and the sound of gunfire created a lot of concern Monday afternoon in one Houston neighborhood. We received a lot of phones calls, Tweets and …

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  • Joe Straus

    Straus E-mails Reveal Much More than Contempt for Conservatives

    The Texas Republican establishment’s contempt for grassroots conservatives is nothing new. Up until now, that contempt was telegraphed by the collective silence from our state leadership. During the 82nd legislative session, the Governor, Lt. Governor, and House Speaker never once responded to even one of …

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  • Benghazi Cover Up By The Obama Administration

    The Benghazi Cover-Up | Benghazi-Gate

    Beck Breaking News! Obama A Hit-man Or Terrorist Arms Dealer? Why He Hid the Truth of Benghazi… Was Obama finished with our Ambassador to Libya where the Arms Trading was concerned? Did he believe Chris Stevens was going to go public with what he knew …

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  • Obama Campaign Desperate

    Desperation overcomes the Obama campaign (Adult Content)

    Desperation is born of despair and hopelessness, both in language and in life. Obama supporter-generated video ads, in these final days of the endless presidential campaign, have recently sent two strong signals that desperation has taken hold of the Obama campaign. The ads use and …

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  • Big Bird Binders Bayonets Bs

    Big Bird, Binders, Bayonets, and BS ~ The reverse prophecy of Barack Obama

    After he defeated the British fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813, the commander of the American fleet, Oliver Perry, sent a message to General William Harrison that began, “We have met the enemy, and they are ours…” At the Denver Democrat …

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  • Bryan Hughes For Texas Speaker

    Bryan Hughes for Texas Speaker of the House

    Bryan Hughes, conservative candidate for Texas Speaker of the House of Representatives, delivers a well-received speech at the Hopkins County GOP/Sulphur Springs TEA Party rally on September 29, 2012. More at: Hughes defeated a primary challenge from Mary Lookadoo and is now looking beyond …

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  • Are You Listening Uncle Sam? Music Video

    Are You Listening Uncle Sam? Music Video

    The frustration of being out of work. Asking Uncle Sam….. ‘ARE YOU LISTENING?’…. do you hear our plight?….Do you even care? ALL governmental officials… STOP what you are doing and take a moment and LISTEN to what we are telling you… Stop the “Business As …

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