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  • Death Of The Republic2

    National Popular Vote Compact is a Bad Idea

    by Donald Mellon A movement is underway to change the method of electing presidents. The objective of this movement is to convince states whose cumulative electoral vote count equals or exceeds 270 (the number needed to elect a president) to join an interstate compact. This …

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  • Obama Amnesty Speech

    Obama’s Amnesty and the Democrats’ War on Black Americans

    Obama’s proclamation of amnesty to illegal aliens is just the latest step in a long-running war conducted by Democrats against American citizens of African descent. But, there are early signs that the African-American community is waking up to the decades-long, false claim by Democrats, heralded …

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  • It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

      Amnesty for illegals is about to be shoved down the throats of the American people.  As everyone knows by now, tonight Emperor Obama will violate his oath of office and plunge yet another knife into the heart of America with an illegal order granting …

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  • Dick Durban Chicago Tribune

    Illinois Senatorial Election: The Combine At Work

    By Lee Cary On November 4, 2014, Democrat Senator Dick Durbin likely will reap the benefits of the Illinois Political Combine, again. In Illinois, there’s only one political party. It’s the “Combine” – the collaborative combination of Democrat and Republican politicians and party officials who …

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  • ISIL In US1

    Sur-prise! Sur-prise!

    You need to read the title with a Gomer Pile accent to get where we are going with this piece.  The picture introducing this article was emailed to me by a friend.  The image is of an ISIS jihadist placing an order at a Jason’s …

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  • Fed Chair Yellen Shell Game

    FED Chair Yellen’s Latest Speech Is A Shell Game With An Invisible Pea

    By Lee Cary Janet Yellen’s August 22, 2014 speech at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was a verbal shell game with an invisible pea. The first paragraph in Yellen’s speech began with this sentence: “In the …

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  • Border 4

    Race Baiters Make Appeal to Low Information Voters

    In an election year delivered to Republicans and tied up neatly with a bow, what else could we expect?  The mass of illegal entrants at the border is not a shock to this administration.  It is a plan well executed.  I know, we are supposed …

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  • Sterling Bundy2

    People or Principles

    It must be human nature which causes us to support a person when we mean to support a principle.  Writers encourage this because without readers the whole exercise of writing is rather pointless.  Readers encourage it too because, in all honesty, there is a lot …

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  • Breitbart Obama Golf

    The First Libertarian President

    There is little about our current President which is libertarian.  Using the mechanisms of the state to punish political enemies, rewarding political allies with contracts and gifts from the treasury, the affinity for “public-private partnerships,” and “Crony-Capitalism,” are all hallmarks of fascism, not libertarianism.  However, …

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  • Texas Solution2

    Texas Solution is a False Hope

    ~  By Dale Huls  ~ One cannot look at the either the 2012 Texas Solution or the Staples-backed 2014 update in a piece-part fashion.  The entire plank is a fraud in that it does not offer any border security or immigration reform solutions to the …

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