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  • Monopoly Man Broke

    “We’re Not Broke”

    “We’re Not Broke.”  The words washed over me like a wave of relief.  These words had to be believed because they came from the Oracle of Iowa, Senator Tom Harkin.  Tom Harkinonomics  Of course he has never created any wealth, but he is an expert at …

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  • A1

    “What Difference Does it Make?”

    In what seems like a few short decades, Hillary Clinton has dragged Democrats from, “I have a dream” to, “What difference does it make?”  To Democrats, all questions are rhetorical.  All you need to do is actually provide an answer to set them back on …

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  • ThCA1ETCW2


    Flood waters rose at an alarming rate.  Homes were moved off their foundations.  Hundreds of square miles of land were under water.  Populations of whole towns were uprooted.  In all, 1.5 million people from several states were displaced.  People were in a desperate state: homeless, …

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  • TP911 12 12 C

    Assault on Reason

    The emotional response we all felt was undeniable as we struggled to comprehend the incomprehensible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut this week.  Emotions are important; they tell us what is important to us and when we need to act.  They are a …

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  • Republican Congressmen Are Not Neanderthals

    Republican Congressmen Are Not Neanderthals

    The year 2012 ends with a Republican Party which is overly defeated.  Yes we failed to wrestle the Presidency from the dunderheads.  But the schizophrenic electorate, understanding that they were making a catastrophic error and hoping no one would get hurt, kept a Republican House …

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  • Redistribution of Wealth

    Professors Speak Out Against Redistribution

    Terrell AronSpeer has a little fun with the supporters of “redistribution of wealth” by turning the tables on them with grade redistribution and salary redistribution in this fictional satire.

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  • ThCALIFM363

    Hamas and White House Use Similar Tactics

    Two important issues are currently before the American people.  First, Israel’s constant struggle with the world’s worst neighbors is once again consuming the news cycle.  This is appropriate as this is the focal point for the entire Islamic world as they struggle with the question, …

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  • Libertarian Party A Good Idea Gone Mad

    The Libertarian Party – A Good Idea Gone Mad

    “A cautionary tale for the Tea Party” The evening air was brisk; fall came early to Houston in 1964. Carol welcomed John into her home as a new guest for the lectures which usually drew around 25 attendees. The lecture series was on “Objectivism” and …

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  • Report On The Final Presidential Debate Of 20121

    Romney/Ryan Run the Bases ~ Report on the Final Presidential Debate of 2012

    President Obama and Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney met Monday evening at 8PM CST at Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida for the third and final Presidential debate of the 2012 campaign season. The debate was moderated by CBS’s Bob Schieffer, who, while not a …

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  • War Is Always The Last Resort

    War Is Always the Last Resort

    “War is always the last resort,” we hear this a lot; it is a constant refrain. Instinctively we all agree; no one wants a war. But what does it really mean, “War is always the last resort.” The emotional appeal of this statement often masks …

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