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  • Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth

    Texas State Sen. Wentworth on Conservatism

    On Tuesday, a small number of Republican voters in SD-25 (northern San Antonio and Kendall, Comal, and Hays counties) will decide whether Sen. Jeff Wentworth returns to Austin next year. While he claims to defend “our families and our conservative values,” Sen. Wentworth’s idea of “conservative” could …

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  • Rob Eissler

    State Rep. Rob Eissler (HD 15), Exposed

    Republicans hold 100 of 150 seats in the Texas State House. But as we’ve seen, the size of the majority isn’t as important as the acts of the members composing that majority. How has GOP “safe seat” HD-15 (The Woodlands) been represented in Austin over the …

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  • US Capitol Building

    TX-4: Conservative Means What Conservatives Say

    Originally posted May 14, 2012 at Ramparts360 When conservatism wasn’t cool, and a politician called himself conservative, you could believe him, like when Kevin Costner’s Eliot Ness told a Chicago beat cop he was a federal agent. Why would he lie about something so disgraceful? …

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  • TEA Party Don't Tread On Me

    TX House District 19 a Test of TEA Party Strength

    The TEA Party comprises the third and best-organized “throw the bums out” cycle in the last 30 years. But the bums keep coming back. The smart bums figured out long ago that “conservative” was the magic word in GOP primaries, when 85 percent of all …

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