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  • Martyr's Park in Dallas, Texas

    Dallas’ Lee Park Gutted and Martyr’s Park Desolate

    Context: On September 15, 2017, the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was removed from Lee Park, Dallas, Texas, and became the latest in a series of Confederate monuments disappearing from cities across America this summer and fall.   News of the Great Fire that …

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  • The GOP is Dead

    The GOP is dead, long live the GOP!

    That phrasal template has long been invoked upon the death of the monarch.  It was meant to assure subjects that a new ruler had ascended to the throne, and the crown is secure. On Election Day, the phrase will apply to the Grand Ole Party.  …

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  • Hands Up, Don't Shoot

    Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: A myth born from a lie

    In November-December 2014, I wrote a series of nine articles for the American Thinker website describing the various groups then engaged in the Ferguson, Missouri protests. The titles of those posts, in order of their appearances, contain hyperlinks to the articles: Group proposes ‘Rules of …

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  • Liberal Media Bias

    Pro-Clinton media uses psyops against Trump

    The liberal media uses psychological warfare to dispirit Republican voters. Psychological warfare tactics have long been used to influence an opponent’s attitude and plans. Two of the most famous psyops warriors in World War II were Tokyo Rose, representing the Imperial Japanese Empire, and Lord …

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  • Eliot Ness

    A Bureau on the Bubble – The FBI Struggles

    Delayed resolution to Hillmailgate is eroding the F.B.I.’s credibility. As time passes with no outcome to the investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s possible misuse of classified emails, incremental damage is being done to the legendary image of the incorruptibility of the Federal Bureau of Investigation …

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  • Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood aborts Lincoln’s ascribed “divine attributes”

    By Lee Cary Planned Parenthood’s house is burning. Just as quickly as the flames subside, another callous discussion made public concerning its sources and methods, of revenue and dissection, fans the horrific flame. This is happening despite a liberal media’s complicity in the organization’s behaviors …

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  • Tea Party Vs Gop

    Applause for the Mellon Initiative

    “The Tea Parties have a choice to make. They can remain the much maligned conservative wing of the Republican Party, they can wither and die, or they can fight back.”  Dr. Donald Mellon, “Texas Tea Party, Texas Third Party,” December 27, 2014 Dr. Mellon is …

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  • Al Sharpton National Action Network

    Alfred Sharpton, money in his pocket and blood on his hands

    As Jesse Jackson fades from the public limelight, the mostly white, liberal media has chosen Alfred Sharpton to be the lone, leading spokesperson for the Black community in America. “Reverend Al,” as he’s been affectionately addressed by scores of mostly white media interviewers for years, …

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  • 2016 Prospective Presidential Candidates

    Why Presidential Candidate Polls Mean Nothing Now

    “News” outlets have been politically biased since, at least, the days when Jefferson was Secretary of State. The biggest difference today is that there are many more, and ever more, “news” outlets. And most of the dominant ones are firmly aligned with the liberal progressive …

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  • Karl Rove The Architect

    UPDATE: GOP Establishment Targeted 2 Michigan Republican House Members for Defeat in November

    The GOP Establishment targeted two conservative, Republican Congressmen from Michigan for defeat in the November midterms.  The Establishment won one, and lost one. Last March, we chronicled here how Michigan’s 11th District freshman Congressman Kerry Bentivolio’s election in 2012 was an embarrassment to the GOP …

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