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  • Drudge Header Bernie

    NYT reports on Bernie and the Blacks but misses whole story

    An Alinsky Rule 5 Post: A New York Times April 5, 2018 article, entitled “Bernie Sanders Courts Black Voters Anew,” profiles Socialist-Democrat U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ effort to gain more support from Black voters than he received in his 2016 bid for the Democrat Party …

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  • Obama Plans

    Former POTUS Obama plans to create ‘a million young Barack’s

    An Alinsky Rule 5 Post The headline of a March 25, 2018 Washington Examiner article read: “Obama envisions creating ‘a million young Barack Obamas’ during speech in Japan.” “Former President Barack Obama talked about his future plans for his post-presidency life at a conference Sunday …

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  • CIA Headquarters

    Former Spy Master becomes Tweet Master

    An Alinsky Rule 5 Post: From March 2013 until January 2017, John O. Brennan occupied the Office of the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) in the Langley, Virginia headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency – the premier “civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States …

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  • A Star Is Reborn

    Kathy Griffin returns to the stage: Fans line up for tickets

    A Saul Alinsky Rule #5 Post –  On March 18, Showbiz411 thrilled adoring fans of comedian Kathy Griffin by announcing that only a score of tickets remain unsold for her June 26 comeback show at Carnegie Hall. In the article celebrating Griffin’s return to the …

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  • Red Guard

    Senator Chuck Schumer to receive award at China’s Red Guard Reunion

    U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D. NY) will be a guest speaker at the May 25, 2018 reunion of students who served in the Red Guard during China’s Cultural Revolution. The annual reunion, held at Peking University in Beijing, in the Haidian District of China, commemorates …

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  • Robert Mueller

    Mueller set to crack open the nut of Seychelles meetings

    A Saul Alinsky Rule #5 Post In its March 8, 2018 article entitled “Here’s What You Should Know About That Secret Seychelles Meeting,” the Huffington Post chronicled the current focus of the Mueller Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation. Seychelles, pronounced “say-shells,” is an archipelago of 115 islands …

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  • Adam Schiff

    Breaking News: Adam Schiff has proof of Russia-Trump Collusion

    A Saul Alinsky Rule #5 Post: Today, California Congressman Adam Schiff (D.) claimed he has proof that Donald Trump colluded with persons in Russia, supported by Vladimir Putin, to rig the November 2016 Presidential Election against Hillary Clinton. Back on March 1, 2018, Schiff admitted …

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  • Dumpster Diving

    Mueller investigators question Trump Tower saucier about Russian collusion

    A Saul Alinsky Rule #5 Post: (Breaking News, August 15, 2018) Investigators for Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, III recently questioned a Russian saucier, employed at Trump Tower, concerning the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian foreign agents, according to sources close to the …

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  • Cossack

    Did a pro-Ruskie Ukrainian Separatist scam Michael Moore?

    A Saul Alinsky Rule #5 Post: On November 12, 2016, prominent filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore attended an anti-Trump rally in New York City. In a video showing Moore walking among protestors and on-lookers, the media star receives many greetings and accolades.  He even …

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  • Mueller Investigation 29455684 S

    Mueller Investigators Detain Bolshoi Ballerinas

    A Saul Alinsky Rule #5 Post: (November 5, 2018, New York City) On the heels of the arrest of White House chef, Dmitir Volkogonov, believed to be a former member of the Russian Committee for State Security (AKA: KGB), several dancers in the Bolshoi Ballet …

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