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  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    NEW leaked Ocasio-Cortez comments on Dems in history

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 39 A new, young, vibrant leader in the Democrat Party, 28-year old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was exalting the role of her party in American history when, while speaking before a Networks Nation gathering, she said, “We are the party of King, of …

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  • Q 17 Cuomo

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo exposes the “QAnon” Trump Conspiracy

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 38: On Wednesday, August 1, CNN reporter Chris Cuomo, son of the deceased former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and brother of the current NY governor, exposed a Donald Trump conspiracy plot identified by one letter and a two-digit number. Originally …

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  • Paul Manafort

    List of 35 potential witness in Mueller prosecution of Manafort

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 35: recently released a list of potential witnesses that may be called to testify in Special Counsel Mueller’s prosecution of Candidate Donald Trump’s former presidential campaign director, Paul Manafort. Today, Manafort is imprisoned in solitary confinement 23 hours a day. …

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  • Mueller Investigation Witch Hunt

    FBI Director says Mueller Investigation no “Witch Hunt”

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 33 At a recent gathering of the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, F.B.I. Director Chris Wray declared that the Mueller Investigation is not a “Witch Hunt.” While raises doubts concerning the Director’s conclusion in an article entitled “Carter Page FISA …

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  • Rep. Cohen

    Rep. Cohen stopped short of recommending CMH for Strzok

    Alinksy Rule 5 Post 30 A confidential source familiar with the location of the office of U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen (D.TN.) reports that Congressman Cohen’s original intention was to suggest, during the appearance of former Deputy Assistant F.B.I. Director Peter Strzok before a Congressional Hearing …

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  • Gowdy and Horowitz

    Rep. Trey Gowdy may star in “Inherit the Wind” remake

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 27: A source associated with the highly regarded film-and-stage industry news website,, reports that a major movie studio is negotiating with an agent representing current Republican U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy (4th Dist. SC). The talks may lead to Gowdy playing …

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  • Inspector Jacques Clouseau

    IAI finalists for Most Outstanding Investigator Award

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 24: On June 14, 2018, the International Association of Investigators – not to be mistaken for the National Association of Investigators which will hold its Annual Meeting on June 21-22 in West Chester, Ohio – announced its three finalists for the …

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  • Former NY AG Eric Schneiderman

    NARAL to give Man of the Year Award to NY AG

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 23: New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will receive the highly coveted Man of the Year Award by NARAL Pro-Choice America at the organization’s  2019 Annual Convention in NYC as the group commemorates its 50th Anniversary of promoting abortions. NARAL’s name …

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  • Tom Brokaw and Matt Lauer

    Book Review: Tom Brokaw newest release

    Alinsky Rule 5, Post 20 Legendary NBC News reader, Tom Brokaw, has a new book coming out that may surpass his widely heralded account of the American heroes who lived through the Great Depression and World War II and then built the foundation for today’s …

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  • Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar

    Fresno State University Professor honored by DNC

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 19: Ms. Randa Jarrar, Professor of English & Physical Fitness at Fresno State University in California was recently honored by the Democrat National Committee as an outstanding spokeswoman for peace and civility. Jarrar recently made national news with tweets she posted …

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