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  • Ted Cruz

    Cruz for Big Government, Really? Immigration Positions Revisited

    By Ross Kecseg~ Recent policy critiques of Sen. Ted Cruz continue to come from both political sides, often times regarding different issues but for the same reason; he is viewed by Americans as the ‘prototype politician’. Even Democratic strategist and former Bill Clinton adviser James …

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  • Wake Up America

    America in Distress

    By Ray Myers–  It is time to take a stand and make a statement—It is time to, “Wake Up America!” After a full day of research and discussions with a former Assistant Attorney General, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and most of my neighbors– I have …

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  • Grassroots

    The Math Problem & The Importance of Local Politics

    By Ross Kecseg— Washington D.C. is lost. The national debt has tripled in fifteen years, from $5.5 trillion in 1997, to $17 trillion in 2013. The tax code is 72,000 pages, and growing. We give billions of dollars in foreign aid to a nation that …

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  • 83rd Legislature

    Clear Lakes Tea Party Issues Press Release Critical of 83rd Legislative Budget

    by Mary Huls– The CLTP has issued a press release expressing disappointment with the broken promises of the Governor and the House Speaker to pass a fiscally sound and conservative budget. Apparently, the more money available per the Texas Comptroller meant more money to spend. The CLTP …

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  • Class Action Mod

    Citizens for Self-Governance Files Class Action Suit Against the IRS

    by Mark Meckler– Dear Fellow Citizen, You probably have already heard that  Citizens for Self-Governance filed the first class action suit against the IRS last week.  Due to the huge influx of emails to us, I want to give you more information about the lawsuit and …

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  • Path To Citizenship Mod


    To: Senator Marco Rubio-     Senator John McCain-     Senator Bob Menendez-     Senator Michael Bennett-     Senator Lindsey Graham-     Sen. Jeff Flake-     Sen. Chuck Schumer-     Sen. Dick Durbin- The resolution of our immigration policies …

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  • Tx Senate Seal

    Konni Burton ~ Why I’m Running for Texas State Senate

    Our government is out of control. It is neither fiscally responsible, nor limited and the rule of law is flagrantly ignored. As a grassroots activist, I’ve been in the trenches trying to educate others on the unsustainable U.S. government debt – $16,827,427,184,539.43 (and climbing) and …

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  • Cscope1

    C-Scope, A Race to the Bottom

    “Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” II Timothy 3:7 —-By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman—-             C-Scope is another, in a long train of federally mandated, State administered experiments in social engineering. C-scope burdens the local taxpayer to …

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    Clear Lake Tea Party Reveals IRS Misconduct in 2010

    ——FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—— May 20, 2013 (Clear Lake, TX) – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) conducted an intrusive and illegal intelligence gathering and intimidation effort against the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) as part of a larger policy directed at American tea parties. The CLTP …

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  • Check Opt Out

    Open Letter to Senator Birdwell, your support is needed to pass SB 241 allowing smart meter opt out

    by Beth Biesel— Contact  Senator Birdwell to express your support of SB241 and ask him to do the same Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0122- District Phone: (254) 772-6225- DEPLOYMENT MISREPRESENTED AS MANDATORY:  Rep. Dennis Bonnen’s 2005 HB 2129 bill that “encouraged” the use of smart meter …

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