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  • Tx Senate Seal

    Konni Burton Takes on Wendy Davis Over “War on Women”

    Editor’s note:  Wendy Davis is a Democrat and the current Texas State Senator from District 10. Wendy Davis would have the voters believe that everything a Republican does is a “war on women”. This is a line liberals have used year after year and it’s …

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  • Liberty With Side Arm

    Rains County Fails to Protect Second Amendment Rights

    Dear Editor, I attended Rains County Commissioners Court on the June 13th to witness the outcome of the ill-fated Resolution to Protect and Defend the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, initiated by the people, torpedoed by Judge Wolfe, Commissioners Mike Willis, Patsy Marshall …

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  • Ted Cruz

    Cruz for Big Government, Really? Immigration Positions Revisited

    By Ross Kecseg~ Recent policy critiques of Sen. Ted Cruz continue to come from both political sides, often times regarding different issues but for the same reason; he is viewed by Americans as the ‘prototype politician’. Even Democratic strategist and former Bill Clinton adviser James …

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  • Wake Up America

    America in Distress

    By Ray Myers–  It is time to take a stand and make a statement—It is time to, “Wake Up America!” After a full day of research and discussions with a former Assistant Attorney General, a decorated Vietnam Veteran and most of my neighbors– I have …

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  • Grassroots

    The Math Problem & The Importance of Local Politics

    By Ross Kecseg— Washington D.C. is lost. The national debt has tripled in fifteen years, from $5.5 trillion in 1997, to $17 trillion in 2013. The tax code is 72,000 pages, and growing. We give billions of dollars in foreign aid to a nation that …

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  • 83rd Legislature

    Clear Lakes Tea Party Issues Press Release Critical of 83rd Legislative Budget

    by Mary Huls– The CLTP has issued a press release expressing disappointment with the broken promises of the Governor and the House Speaker to pass a fiscally sound and conservative budget. Apparently, the more money available per the Texas Comptroller meant more money to spend. The CLTP …

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  • Class Action Mod

    Citizens for Self-Governance Files Class Action Suit Against the IRS

    by Mark Meckler– Dear Fellow Citizen, You probably have already heard that  Citizens for Self-Governance filed the first class action suit against the IRS last week.  Due to the huge influx of emails to us, I want to give you more information about the lawsuit and …

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  • Path To Citizenship Mod


    To: Senator Marco Rubio-     Senator John McCain-     Senator Bob Menendez-     Senator Michael Bennett-     Senator Lindsey Graham-     Sen. Jeff Flake-     Sen. Chuck Schumer-     Sen. Dick Durbin- The resolution of our immigration policies …

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  • Tx Senate Seal

    Konni Burton ~ Why I’m Running for Texas State Senate

    Our government is out of control. It is neither fiscally responsible, nor limited and the rule of law is flagrantly ignored. As a grassroots activist, I’ve been in the trenches trying to educate others on the unsustainable U.S. government debt – $16,827,427,184,539.43 (and climbing) and …

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  • Cscope1

    C-Scope, A Race to the Bottom

    “Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” II Timothy 3:7 —-By Riley J. Hood-CPoW State Chairman—-             C-Scope is another, in a long train of federally mandated, State administered experiments in social engineering. C-scope burdens the local taxpayer to …

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