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  • Death Of The Republic2

    National Popular Vote Compact is a Bad Idea

    by Donald Mellon A movement is underway to change the method of electing presidents. The objective of this movement is to convince states whose cumulative electoral vote count equals or exceeds 270 (the number needed to elect a president) to join an interstate compact. This …

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  • Texas Solution2

    Texas Solution is a False Hope

    ~  By Dale Huls  ~ One cannot look at the either the 2012 Texas Solution or the Staples-backed 2014 update in a piece-part fashion.  The entire plank is a fraud in that it does not offer any border security or immigration reform solutions to the …

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  • Monolithic Tea Party

    The Monolithic Tea Party in 2014

    In the Texas Spring of 2014 we have a number of huge Republican Primary battles.  Every candidate running for public office claims to be a “conservative”!  We know this is hogwash. The Texas tea parties and national tea party groups have been very visible in …

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  • Bob Deuell21

    Conservative Leaders Call out State Sen. Bob Deuell

    Say Legal Documents Prove His Deception “Sen. Deuell is deliberately deceiving in a pitiful attempt to destroy his opponent.” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   May 14, 2014  CONTACTS:  Ken Emanuelson, Founder – Grassroots Texans Network; Co-founder – Dallas TEA Party (469) 363-5808 JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots …

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  • God Marriage2


    By E Dee Monnen Hold your horses, all states! Government has no right to redefine a religious sacrament. That crosses the line of separation of church and state. Only a religion can change a religious definition, just as only a government can change a law.  …

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  • Young Conservatives2

    Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 17, 2014 Contact: Jenna White, Executive Director Mobile: (512) 843-1980 Email: Austin, Texas – Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) had a successful primary, with all of its statewide endorsed candidates either making the run-off or winning outright. In contested Legislative races, endorsed …

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  • Texas Primary

    Coalition of Conservative Organizations Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Jim and Robin Lennon March 10, 2014 832-233-4950 Coalition of Conservative Organizations Promise Aggressive Ground Campaign to Turn out Voters for Run-off Victory ACROSS TEXAS – Energized from big wins across the state in the March 4th Republican Primary, a grassroots …

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  • MapMNichols5

    The Challenge of Marvin Nichols Reservoir

    ~ by Brent Lawson ~ It’s the way we’ve always done it. A need for more water arises, and the government condemns a certain amount of low lying land to build a reservoir and quench the thirst. In 1913 Texas had four major reservoirs. Today …

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  • 13Dec1223KCope CROPPED For WEB2

    U.S. Senate Candidate Ken Cope Offers Bold Tax Plan That Eliminates IRS

    ~by Kristine Tanzillo ~ Ken Cope, candidate for US Senate, released his tax plan today. The emphasis of Cope’s 503 Tax Plan is to eliminate the IRS. Following is the release about the Cope 503 Tax Plan. If you would like to talk with Mr. …

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  • Irs Scrutiny

    We, the Tax-Exempt Entity

    My personal response to the newly proposed IRS regulations1 Barry A. Schlech, Ph.D., Burleson, TX Intro: I am a member of a local tea party. Based on our non-profit status, our community involvement and political activities, our tea party submitted an application for 501(c)(4) tax-exempt …

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