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  • Martha Washington

    Washington: The Letter Home (1775)

    ~ By James Still ~ Before leaving Philadelphia to assume command of the Army, George Washington wrote a letter to his wife, Martha, and enclosed his will: “MY DEAREST,  I am now set down to write to you on a subject, which fills me with …

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  • Gen Wahington

    Washington: Commander and Friend (1758)

    ~by James Still~ Suffering from bad health in 1758, Washington resigned as Commander of the Virginia Regiment. The letter Washington receives from his Officers provides an excellent glimpse into his character: “SIR, We your most obedient and affectionate Officers, beg leave to express our great …

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  • Indian Chief2

    Washington: The Indian Prophecy (1770)

    ~by James Still~ In 1755, a young Colonel George Washington fought under British General Edward Braddock against the French at Fort Duquesne [pronounced, “doo-cane”].  The British suffered a devastating defeat.  Fifteen years later, as Washington was surveying lands west of Virginia, he was met by …

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  • George Washington

    Washington: Commander in Chief (1775)

    ~ By James Still ~ By the summer of 1775, it was increasingly clear the Colonies needed an army and General.  Was there anyone who could both unite the Colonies and command an army?  John Adams suggested Washington: “… I had no hesitation to declare …

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  • Fort Ticonderoga

    The Capture of Ticonderoga (1775)

    ~ by James Still ~ Fort Ticonderoga was located on a key military corridor between Canada and the Hudson River.  Military supplies captured at Ticonderoga were later used to force the British to evacuate Boston.  Ethan Allen recorded the event: “… the first systematical and …

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  • Battle Of Lexington Concord 1775II

    Lexington & Concord (1775)

    ~ by James Still ~ After reviewing eyewitness accounts of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress summarized events in an address to the citizens of Great Britain: “By the clearest depositions… it will appear, that, on the night preceding the 19th …

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  • Paul Revere

    The Midnight Ride (1775)

    ~ by James Still ~ The “Mechanics“ was the first patriot intelligence network.  Paul Revere, a member of this spy ring, rode to Lexington with William Dawes (who was sent by a different route) to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams of British troop movement.  …

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  • ISIS

    ISIS Ad Campaign Calls For Homegrown Terror

    ~ by Julie on Politics ~ The newest product from the sick and twisted minds of ISIS is an ad campaign to encourage radical Islamists in the West to launch more attacks like the one on French magazine Charlie Hebdo. ISIS released a series of …

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  • Patrick Henry2

    Give Me Liberty! (1775)

    ~ by James Still ~ Lord Dunmore, British Governor of Virginia, had allowed the Virginia Militia act to lapse.  Should Virginia raise a new Militia?  Patrick Henry addressed the Second Virginia Convention: “… This is no time for ceremony. The question before the House is …

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  • Minute Men

    The Minute Men (1775)

    ~ by James Still ~ Editors Note:  This is the first in a series of letters by this author to be published monthly on this site. My  name is James Still.  Since November 2009, I  have been reading our Founding History and writing a letter …

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