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  • Baby

    Murder By Any Name

    by Sharon Sebastian – reprinted from American Daily Herald – Today, by using tax dollars to fund abortion, Obama puts every tax-payer inside the abortion room as de facto participants in the taking of innocent lives. Can Americans live with that? Abortion, partial-birth, infanticide, they …

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  • Justice Roberts 2


    By Sharon Sebastian – “Our doctors have told us to be prepared for the worst because right now we can hardly find a doctor.” Liberals on the Supreme Court and in Congress refused to heed this warning as they brazenly imposed President Barack Obama’s Affordable …

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  • Republicans Hispanics 1

    Professional Hispanics and the GOP

    by George Rodriguez – I am considering a career move to become a “professional Hispanic”. A professional Hispanic is a person who cries “Hispanic!” anytime they see an opportunity or they want attention. Recently, some professional Hispanics gave their opinions to national GOP leaders and …

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  • Death Penalty

    What Maryland’s Repeal of the Death Penalty Really Means

    By  James H. Lilley – Governor Martin O’Malley’s dream came true Friday, March 15, 2013 with the repeal of Maryland’s Death Penalty. Several amendments to allow for the death penalty for murders committed in prisons, murder of police officers or firefighters in the course of …

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  • Political Machine Modified

    More Observations on Mayor Castro

    by George Rodriguez     If anyone has any questions about San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro’s plans and intentions for San Antonio, they just need to make some simple observations.  For example, March 2nd was Texas Independence Day and Mayor Castro did not make one …

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  • Loss Of Liberty

    Where friends of liberty probably need to go from here

    By Jim Powell Although President Obama continues to dominate national debates and intimidate opponents on Capitol Hill, we need to remind ourselves that pro-liberty movements have achieved stunning successes in circumstances more difficult than what we face now. Consider the movement that became the war …

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  • Obama Sequester

    The President Who Cried Wolf

    by George Rodriguez While President Obama is lobbying the public to stop the Sequestration, he forgets that it is his law. It was passed by Congress and he signed it in 2011 at the height of the “raising the debt limit” debates. Sequestration was Obama’s …

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  • Obama Shreds Constitution

    Obama’s Divided States of Imperialism must be stopped at all Costs

    By Selena Owens Fresh off the starting blocks of his second term, Barack Hussein Obama, (I never refer to him as “president”), has tightened the noose around America’s neck some more. Our beloved land of the free and home of the brave is gasping for …

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  • Restore America

    Restoring America’s Birthright

    by Robert Snizek The “birthright” of every man, woman, and child born on American soil is liberty.  This gift was given by God by virtue of our birth, established through the Founding Fathers, and nourished by the blood of patriots.  In these times, what  can …

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  • Senate Chamber Of The Texas State Capitol Image ID K0472020421

    Truncated State Senate terms Yield Grassroots Opportunities

    by Mark Stuertz  of  White Rock Tea Party A state senate term glitch wrought by the 2010 census provides an opening for grassroots activists in 2014. Now is the time to seize this opportunity. In spite of staggered elections and terms that normally span four …

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