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  • What Tea Party

    Texas Tea Party, Texas Third Party

    ~By Donald Mellon~ The establishment Republican Party has declared war on the Tea Party. But the fate of the Tea Party and the country are intertwined such that the destruction of the Tea Party will also ensure the continued march toward the economic collapse of …

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  • Heritage

    State Nullification has an Undeserved Bad Reputation

    ~ by Donald Mellon ~ When you read or hear “Nullify” in the context of federal laws what comes to mind? You might think it is an illegal act committed by state legislatures. You might think that because the Constitution says federal laws are the …

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  • Climate Cgange

    Warmists Have Shone the Way

    by Donald Mellon Physicist’s approach to finding answers is all wrong. Warmist have shone the true path. Physicists have been looking for the theory of everything for a long time. Relativity is the theory of big things like heavenly bodies and velocities approaching the speed …

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  • Man And Woman Marriage2

    Moving on From Marriage Equality

    by Donald Mellon Marriage can be looked at from two perspectives; as an individual and as a government. As individuals we enter marriage to demonstrate a commitment to our partner for a long sustained loving relationship that is conducive to raising a family. We acknowledge …

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  • Kennedy Image 3

    Misplaced Loyalty Leading to Spectacles of Turbulence and Contention

    When Tywin Lannister asked Arya Stark “what killed your father” she replied “loyalty”. Tywin and Arya are two of the main characters in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. Arya’s father was second in command to a king in the fictitious country of Westeros. When …

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  • All Socialists Now2

    Finally We are Fighting Back

    The latest example is the conservative’s response to the A&E suspension of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson resulting from the gay communities outrage over his words. Boycotts are planned, national leaders have denounced the suspension, and conservatives in general are speaking out. The offended gay organizations …

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  • Digital Media Cropped

    Using the Digital Media to Protest

    A great number of conservative minded people have spent the last few years educating themselves about our Constitution, why and how it was established, what powers it delegated to the Federal Government that it established, and how this and previous elected Federal Governments have violated …

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  • We The People

    Does “We The People” still Represent Political Power?

    Our Constitution begins with those words saying that the people of the United States do ordain and establish the Constitution. It does not say “We the State Legislatures” or “we the politicians” or “we a handful of important people”. A little reading of history tells …

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  • Do They Speak For You Mod

    It’s Time for a Third Party, Kinda

    Recent blogs by Lee Cary on this site have demonstrated that the establishment GOP has no use for the Tea Party and in fact may be our biggest enemy. We are dependent on the GOP party structure and he tells us, they are using it …

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  • Whirlpool

    Death Spiral – Our Country’s Course?

    If you had been watching the big bang begin the universe and you knew of the four forces, the strong and weak forces, the electromagnetic force and gravity, then you could have predicted the form of the current and future universe. You could have predicted …

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