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  • Grassley And Dems

    DNC Chair awards GOP Senator Mid-Term Resistance Trophy

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 41 Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, received the coveted Mid-Term Resistance Trophy at the Democrat Party Annual Mid-term Election Gala held Monday in the Grand Ballroom of a prestigious D.C. area country club. Grassley was one …

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  • Grassley Tweet E1537728295397

    BREAKING NEWS Chairman Grassley extends Kavanaugh accuser testimony deadline

    Alinsky Rule 5 Post 40 Senate Judiciary Committee Chairperson Chuck Grassley announced today in a Tweet that he has agreed to demands from lawyers representing Dr. Ford and extended the date for her testimony as the alleged victim of a sexual assault by Judge Brett …

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  • Saratoga

    Franco-American Alliance (1778)

    ~ by James Still ~ Following the American victory at Saratoga, negotiations between French and U.S. Diplomats culminated in the signing of two treaties. The Treaty of Amity and Commerce encouraged trade between France and America. The Treaty of Alliance provided a military alliance against …

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