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  • Map Tp 911

    The West Will Never Defeat Islam . . . Unless

    The West Will Never Defeat Islam . . . Unless   Taqiyya – Islamic justification for lying to infidels Hijrah – Islamic term for invasion by migration Jihad – Religious war of domination Fatwa – A call from an Islamic scholar to all citizens of …

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  • Texas State Senator Konni Burton

    Sen. Konni Burton Officially Announces Campaign for Reelection

    COLLEYVILLE, TX – Today, State Senator Konni Burton (R) officially announced the beginning of her campaign for reelection to Senate District 10:

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  • TEA Party Don't Tread On Me

    The Meaning of the Rattlesnake (1775)

    ~ by James Still ~ The rattlesnake was a significant symbol used throughout the American Revolution. The Dept of War, established in 1789, included a rattlesnake in its seal in recognition of the rattlesnake’s importance. The Dept of the Army (1947), successor of the Dept …

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It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government. ~ Thomas Paine