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  • Washington Addressing Troops 2

    Proclaim Our Independence! (1776)

    ~ by James Still ~ During the night of July 4, 1776, John Dunlap, the official printer to the Continental Congress, printed approximately 200 single-sided copies, called broadsides, of the Declaration of Independence. Congress had ordered, “… copies of the declaration [of Independence] be sent …

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  • Donald Trump as seen by Valton Douglas

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  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

    Defending the Constitution, So Help Me God

    By Attorney General Ken Paxton I learned a long time ago that politics can be a tough business. But if your opponents are forced to concoct misleading attacks, you’re probably doing something right. It’s obvious from the Editorial Board’s most recent opinion piece they are …

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  • The GOP is Dead

    The GOP is dead, long live the GOP!

    That phrasal template has long been invoked upon the death of the monarch.  It was meant to assure subjects that a new ruler had ascended to the throne, and the crown is secure. On Election Day, the phrase will apply to the Grand Ole Party.  …

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  • CoS 1

    Convention of States

    Is it a Trap or Is It Time?   An Article V (five) Convention of States (see the US Constitution) has been bandied about for some time now.  It is both feared and favored by scores of conservative icons.  The left, having raked in a …

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  • Declaration Of Independence

    Declaration of Independence: Original Draft (1776)

    ~ by James Still ~ Thomas Jefferson used many opportunities to oppose slavery. One example is his Original Draft of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams, writing almost 50 years later, praised Jefferson’s original draft. “I was delighted with its high tone, and the flights …

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It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government. ~ Thomas Paine