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  • Kennedy Image 3

    Misplaced Loyalty Leading to Spectacles of Turbulence and Contention

    When Tywin Lannister asked Arya Stark “what killed your father” she replied “loyalty”. Tywin and Arya are two of the main characters in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. Arya’s father was second in command to a king in the fictitious country of Westeros. When …

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  • Democrats & Establishment GOP Ally to Crush Conservatives

    Democrats and GOP Establishment Ally to Crush Conservatives Part III

    Series Abstract: Karl Rove’s targeting of Michigan Congressman Justin Amash as “the most liberal Republican” in Congress signals the GOP Establishment’s plan to cull out the most conservative Republican office-holders from the GOP herd. The bipartisan nature of that effort is illustrated in the Democrat …

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  • Young Conservatives2

    Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 17, 2014 Contact: Jenna White, Executive Director Mobile: (512) 843-1980 Email: Austin, Texas – Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) had a successful primary, with all of its statewide endorsed candidates either making the run-off or winning outright. In contested Legislative races, endorsed …

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  • Texas Primary

    Coalition of Conservative Organizations Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Jim and Robin Lennon March 10, 2014 832-233-4950 Coalition of Conservative Organizations Promise Aggressive Ground Campaign to Turn out Voters for Run-off Victory ACROSS TEXAS – Energized from big wins across the state in the March 4th Republican Primary, a grassroots …

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  • Putin Riding A Bear 3

    Crimea River

    Yes, there is a Crimea River on the Crimean Peninsula whose head waters are north of Yalta and just the other side of the Mickey Mountains.  However the title is intended to be a reference to a song too old for many to remember.  Sadly …

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