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  • Death Panels2

    Senator Deuell’s TADA Fix: Death Panels

    Through his landmark usurpation of healthcare, Barack Obama has empowered government-run death panels, officially known the (Un)Affordable Care Act. Yet few Texans are aware of the death panel law currently on the books in Texas. In 1999, our state legislature passed a bill signed by …

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  • MapMNichols5

    The Challenge of Marvin Nichols Reservoir

    ~ by Brent Lawson ~ It’s the way we’ve always done it. A need for more water arises, and the government condemns a certain amount of low lying land to build a reservoir and quench the thirst. In 1913 Texas had four major reservoirs. Today …

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  • E Voting 11

    The Twenty-first Century Comes to Wood County, Texas

    The twenty-first century comes to Wood County – at least that is how it is being sold.  The old paper ballot is giving way to electronic voting.  This article is not some nostalgic piece about how the lumber jack is becoming an endangered species, nor …

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  • 375px Grahams Hierarchy Of Disagreement1.svg 1

    Tea Party Toolbox

    There is some immediate gratification which comes from telling a verbal bomb thrower that they are nothing more than “scum sucking, name calling bottom feeders.”  As accurate as the statement may be, it is tragically illustrative of the very behavior that prompted you to make …

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  • Poster Economic Inequality1

    The Case for Inequality

    According to the professional hand wringers on the left, America has a crisis of inequality.  It’s a big deal.  Some people have more stuff than others.  This drives the left crazy.  Truly they are so close they need not be driven; they could walk from …

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  • Al Qaeda NYT

    Al Qaeda Is Not the Enemy

    Upon reading this title, anyone familiar with me or my writing will assume that they are witnessing the day AronSpeer finally went ‘round the bend.’  But I ask you to reread the title, emphasizing the only un-capitalized word; Al Qaeda is not the enemy.  This …

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  • Texas Rep Lance Gooden

    Texas Representative Uses Obama/IRS Style Tactics Against Tea Party Leader

    PRESS RELEASE Today it was revealed that Lance Gooden conducted a background check through his taxpayer-funded Legislative Office on Billy Van Vost, a local Henderson county activist who had recently started a tea party organization in Henderson County. In an email released to the press, …

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  • John Boehner and Paul Ryan - The Amnesty Amigos

    House Republicans Unveil Immigration Reform Principles: Revised Version

      Although House Speaker John Boehner has declared immigration reform a mute issue for now, it will likely come back down the road.  Here is a revised (by the author above) version of a document released by House Republicans and posted on the National Review …

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