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  • Save The Planet

    Senator Deuell, Radical Environmentalist? You Decide.

    Senator Deuell, Radical Environmentalist? You Decide. In East Texas, he’s a mild mannered physician who plays the drums. But as soon as he crosses the Travis County line, Senator Robert Deuell morphs into something altogether different: a RINO who is very supportive of laws that …

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  • Athens Nativity

    Lance Saves Christmas

    He’s at it again. “Our” representative, Lance Gooden, has kicked the 2014 Primary campaign into high gear by sending us a mailer on December 19th & 20th. This one was disguised as a Christmas card. The “Christmas” card states: When atheists attacked the Athens, Texas …

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  • All Socialists Now2

    Finally We are Fighting Back

    The latest example is the conservative’s response to the A&E suspension of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson resulting from the gay communities outrage over his words. Boycotts are planned, national leaders have denounced the suspension, and conservatives in general are speaking out. The offended gay organizations …

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  • Amendment II

    The Second Amendment, Freedom’s Greatest Check and Balance

    ~ by Ken O. Eldib ( ~ Though rarely described as such, the Second Amendment is the American’s people most important check and balance.  We were taught in school that our government has three separate and distinct branches which share power and by design check …

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  • 13Dec1223KCope CROPPED For WEB2

    Ken Cope Joins Race for U.S. Senate in Texas

    ~ by Kristine Tanzillo ~ MIDLOTHIAN, Texas, December 18, 2013 – Ken Cope, retired U.S. Army officer and businessman, has entered the race for U.S. Senate in Texas with an appeal to Republican voters to send a better quality of leadership to Washington. Cope is …

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  • LessGovistheBestGov.Com Html Site

    Ryan / Murray Congressional Budget Compromise to be Voted on in the Senate – What is Really being Compromised?

    Republican Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, and Democrat Senator Patty Murray from Washington have worked out a bi-partisan compromise deal on the Federal Budget which promises long term spending cuts over the next ten years in exchange for immediate increases in government spending right now. …

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  • Benjamin Franklin Portrait


    “What have you given us Mr. Franklin, a monarchy or a republic?” Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it!” ~ By Louis Stannard ~ Until the founders made their declaration of independence and gave us our Constitution, humanity’s condition was that of …

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  • LessGovistheBestGov.Com Html Site

    Congressional Budget Betrayals – The Ryan / Murray Budget Bill and the House Republican Sellout

    Meet the principal members of the team. The House Republican Sellout Team… The Paul Ryan / Patty Murray Budget Compromise Act of 2013 was just announced a couple of days ago, and before anyone could even shake their fist, read the Bill, or prepare to …

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It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government. ~ Thomas Paine