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  • Justice Roberts 2


    By Sharon Sebastian – “Our doctors have told us to be prepared for the worst because right now we can hardly find a doctor.” Liberals on the Supreme Court and in Congress refused to heed this warning as they brazenly imposed President Barack Obama’s Affordable …

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  • 2014 Is Coming

    Unifying Message: Spread the Word – 2014 is Coming!

    Fellow Texas Constitutional Conservatives: In 2010, we worked together to send conservatives to the state legislature. In 2011, the Austin ruling class worked against our conservative legislators and ignored our cries for reform. In 2012, we rose up to fight again and sent a larger …

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  • 2


    It does not seem like much of a title, but I assure you it is important and I ask you to remember “2” as you read this piece.  I am not writing to convince you to adopt a certain point of view.  I only ask …

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  • Louie Gohmert

    Louie Gohmert Faces Leftist Facticide Attack

    If the left hates anything, it is facts. They hate the fact that their compassionate leftist policies have increased poverty. But they don’t change the policy; they just deny the fact. They hate the fact that their “stimulus policies” have fewer people employed today than …

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  • Republicans Hispanics 1

    Professional Hispanics and the GOP

    by George Rodriguez – I am considering a career move to become a “professional Hispanic”. A professional Hispanic is a person who cries “Hispanic!” anytime they see an opportunity or they want attention. Recently, some professional Hispanics gave their opinions to national GOP leaders and …

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  • Pierre Joseph Proudhon Anarchists Occupy Wall Street

    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865): Before the ’12 election, Progressives staged an anarchist-inspired street theater entitled Occupy Wall Street

    By Lee Cary – In the year before the 2012 general election, the American Progressive Movement choreographed a series of street theater productions which fueled a media-driven counterpunch to the Tea Party.  The production was entitled “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS). Despite the ideological diversity of …

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  • Texas Hcr 77

    Texas HCR 77 ~ A New Path to Victory

    I write this as a constitutional conservative for constitutional conservatives. Victory, therefore, can only be defined as the restoration of individual liberty through the smallest and least intrusive government possible. Historically and logically this requires government to be small and subject to local control. Centralizing …

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  • Death Penalty

    What Maryland’s Repeal of the Death Penalty Really Means

    By  James H. Lilley – Governor Martin O’Malley’s dream came true Friday, March 15, 2013 with the repeal of Maryland’s Death Penalty. Several amendments to allow for the death penalty for murders committed in prisons, murder of police officers or firefighters in the course of …

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  • Obama March Madness1

    Obamadness – March Madness 2013

    President Obama is obsessed with basketball and the 2013 “March Madness” NCAA Basketball Tournament. There is nothing wrong with loving a sport, but I wish Obama would be “as obsessed” with presidential leadership and doing the country’s business. He is focused on the “basketball NCAA …

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  • Walter Weyl The New Democracy

    Walter Weyl (1873-1919): The state has a “primordial, intrinsic, underlying right to all property”

    By Lee Cary – Walter Weyl was an early, intellectual theorist for the American Progressive Movement.  He was a coeditor of The New Republic magazine from 1914-1916, and his political philosophy fit tongue-and-grove with that of The New Republic founder Herbert Croly.   His book The …

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