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  • Obama Sequester

    The President Who Cried Wolf

    by George Rodriguez While President Obama is lobbying the public to stop the Sequestration, he forgets that it is his law. It was passed by Congress and he signed it in 2011 at the height of the “raising the debt limit” debates. Sequestration was Obama’s …

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  • Collapse of the Dollar

    Collapse of the Dollar – Only one “party” can speak the truth

    Only one “party” can speak truth about the U.S. dollar By Lee Cary The Tea Party is the only political movement in America that can tell the truth about the coming end of the US dollar’s (USD) role as the world’s reserve currency. Will it? …

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  • 2014 Midterm Surprise

    Is the Tea Party alert to a midterm Democrat surprise?

    By Lee Cary – Will the Tea Party be ready to respond to an unexpected Democrat challenge to the G.O.P.’s hopes of keeping the House? On the G.O.P. side, between today and the 2014 elections, what’s likely to change? Will John Boehner be replaced by …

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  • Boehner Sequester

    John Boehner’s Wall Street Journal Op-ed Failed

    By Lee Cary When Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner wrote an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal he backed himself into a corner. Yet again. Here’s his first paragraph: “A week from now, a dramatic new federal policy is set to go …

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  • Ferdinand Johann Gottlieb Lassalle Constitution

    The roots of the Right vs. Left Debate over the Constitution

    By Lee Cary The American political Left and Right have fundamentally different mindsets concerning the U.S. Constitution. The Democrat Party has largely adopted the Left’s mindset.  They’ve captured the party. The mindset of the Republican Party oscillates between soft-Left and soft-Right positions, rendering its image …

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  • Monopoly Man Broke

    “We’re Not Broke”

    “We’re Not Broke.”  The words washed over me like a wave of relief.  These words had to be believed because they came from the Oracle of Iowa, Senator Tom Harkin.  Tom Harkinonomics  Of course he has never created any wealth, but he is an expert at …

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  • Heidi Thiess Second Amendment Rights

    Heidi Thiess on Why A Local Resolution to Preserve Second Amendment Rights

    I’ve been asked, “Why bother filing a resolution to preserve the Second Amendment at the local level?” My reply is that local municipalities and counties are having to handle the issue on a daily basis while our state and federal officials dither and haggle. And …

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  • Senator Ted Cruz

    Ted Cruz Gambles

    By Lee Cary Newly-minted U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is risking his political career by, as the New York Times reports, “taking confrontational Tea Party sensibilities to new heights.” Times’ Jonathan Weisman calls Cruz “Washington’s new bad boy.” (Begs the question: Who was the old one?”) …

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  • A Tea Party Declaration of Independence

    A Tea Party Declaration of Independence

    ~ by Lee Cary The Tea Party will not be perceived as, nor in reality become, a thoroughly authentic movement until it declares its independence from the Republican Party.  And then demonstrates it. Three-four million Republicans didn’t visit their assigned polling place November.  And, as …

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  • Representative Mac Thornberry

    Candidate Barlow Responds to Rep. Mac Thornberry’s Plea for the Status Quo

    In a recent letter to District 13 Republicans, Representative Mac Thornberry (R-TX) echoing Karl Rove, makes his case for grassroots conservatives to not run candidates against incumbent Republicans. He argues that every dollar spent against a challenger in the primaries could have been spent against …

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