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  • Mitt Romney

    Mr. Romney – Get Busy, Sir!

    Mr. Romney, you were not the first choice of all conservative Tea Partiers and Republicans, but all have come to embrace your candidacy. We were not all happy when you attacked good people like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich but, realizing that our Republican candidate …

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  • Libya Protests Anti American Violence

    Op-Ed from Sen. Ryan Zinke, Special Operations for America

    Op-Ed from Sen. Ryan Zinke Chairman, Special Operations for America USN Cdr. at Seal Team Six (Ret) Special Operations for America Facebook: Special Operations for America Twitter @soforamerica September 14, 2012 President Obama Leads from Behind in Libya, Egypt, & the Rest of the Middle East …

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  • Last Ounce Of Courage

    Movie Last Ounce of Courage Urges Americans To Take A Stand

    By Lance Chancellor My family and I had the great opportunity to view the film Last Ounce of Courage this past week with a theater filled with U.S. military veterans and their families. All branches of the military service were represented and it was an …

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  • Obama Slogan - Forward

    Obama’s Slogan – “Forward”

    American Thinker, by Lee Cary ~ Original Article Forward, the Obama campaign’s collectivist campaign slogan, targets undecided voters. Jacques Ellul (1912-1994), variously described as a French philosopher, legal scholar/law professor, lay theologian and Christian anarchist, wrote the widely-acclaimed book, “Propaganda: The Formation Of Men’s Attitudes,” …

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  • Agenda 21 and Alabama Forever Wild

    Agenda 21 and Alabama’s Not Forever Wild: Take 2a

    Not Forever Wild Update #2a September 6, 2012 People frequently ask “Is Alabama Forever Wild part of Agenda 21?”  To be honest I have not seen anything in print connecting the two.  However, as a good friend frequently points out – both were presented to …

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