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  • Abcs Brian Ross Blames Tea Party

    Tea Party Targeted by Left Wing ABC Character Assassins

    It might be unfair to single out ABC in this affair. They just happened to be carrying the flag on this particular day. This is an election year. For the agenda driven left leaning news media, any excuse to attack conservative values, better yet conservatives …

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  • Agenda 21 and Alabama Forever Wild

    Alabama Forever Wild is Not Wild Forever

    Alabama Forever Wild update #1: Up front and personal – though a visual line has not been drawn on paper connecting Alabama’s Forever Wild and Agenda 21, one must know they both were presented to Alabama citizens in 1992 and both have the same objective: …

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  • Sales Tax

    It’s Just the Constitution, Who Cares

    You certainly have been hearing about states wanting to collect sales taxes for online sales.  Before now in states like Texas if you bought an item online from a seller that had retail outlets in Texas then the seller had to collect the Texas sales …

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  • Constitution

    A Tenth Amendment Constitutional Crisis

    When over time the attention of our country to the path of greatness established by the founders has diminished to the point that it is no longer acknowledged by government institutions then a major disruption of thought and action is necessary to refocus attention on …

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  • HBO Helping Barak Obama with The Newsroom

    HBO Helping Barak Obama with “The Newsroom”

    HOLLYWOOD LEANS LEFT! – That’s hardly a news headline. The biggest fraud Hollywood ever perpetrated on us was that McCarthy may have said anything which was inaccurate. From sit-coms to dramas, the language of the left pervades almost every show the Hollywood moguls offer. Yet …

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  • Freeloaders E1341981271140

    Getting Rid of the Freeloaders

    Remember the argument concerning the health insurance mandate in Obamacare that freeloaders, those without insurance, cost us money because we provide them with free health care when they need it and by mandating everyone pay it will cost us less. Remember the liberals telling us …

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  • Obama Sweating

    This lie may actually Cost Him

    This caught my eye on the Drudge Report.     The question they ask is will the conservative media cover this story?    But I have my concerns since by noon Drudge had taken it off his site.

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  • Genie

    The Genie in the Bottle

    I had a dream the other night that I was walking on a beach somewhere and I picked up a bottle that had washed ashore. I must have rubbed it for a Genie popped out and granted me the ability to add a single amendment …

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  • Less Gov is the Best Gov

    Analysis of Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona Illegal Immigration Law SB 1070

    Arizona Wins Partial Victory in 5 to 3 Split Decision on SB 1070 Analysis by Scott Rohter, June 2012 Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona called the recent Supreme Court decision on Arizona’s tough illegal immigration law SB 1070, “a victory for all Americans.” The central …

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